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CATCHCommunity Access to Child Health (American Academy of Pediatrics program)
CATCHComprehensive Assessment for Tracking Community Health
CATCHComputer Aided Tracking and Characterization of Homicides (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
CATCHCritically Attained Threshold of Cerebral Hypoperfusion
CATCHCompiler-Assisted Techniques for Checkpointing
CATCHCore Assessment Tool on Child Health
CATCHComputer and Technology High-Tech Response Team (Investigative unit in San Diego, CA)
CATCHComputer-Assisted Terminal Criminal Hunt
CATCHCountering Attack Helicopter
References in classic literature ?
We have all been wondering," she said, with a significant look at Magdalen, "whether your father will leave Grailsea in time to catch the train -- or whether he will miss it and be obliged to drive back.
But the King's men, who were still following, had heard the noise of the monkeys cheering; and they at last knew where the Doctor was, and hastened on to catch him.
Yet Sea Catch never chased a beaten seal, for that was against the Rules of the Beach.
You take right hold an' pitch in 'longside o' me, or you'll catch it, an' I'll catch it fer backin' you up.
Fella boy belong me you catch short time little bit.
Charley called it a "coop," having heard Neil Partington use the term; but I think he misunderstood the word, and thought it meant "coop," to catch, to trap.
FISHERMAN: All that we caught we left behind, and all that we did not catch we carry home.
The more common method is to catch them with a running noose, or little lazo, made of the stem of an ostrich's feather, fastened to the end of a long stick.
I told him, that as he worked so hard at bogging, he required thick boots and stout clothing, which yet were soon soiled and worn out, but I wore light shoes and thin clothing, which cost not half so much, though he might think that I was dressed like a gentleman (which, however, was not the case), and in an hour or two, without labor, but as a recreation, I could, if I wished, catch as many fish as I should want for two days, or earn enough money to support me a week.
Anna's eyes were brightly fixed upon the door of the hall to catch the first glimpse of her friend's "catch.
They had never been duck-hunting there since, but others had, and the bold yeoman was very sore on the subject, and bent on making an example of the first boys he could catch.
It seems that the white sparrow comes out only just at daybreak with the first light of dawn, and that it brings all kinds of good luck to the farmer that is fortunate enough to catch it.