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CEXConsumer Expenditure Survey
CEXCustomer Experience (management)
CEXCation Exchange (chromatography)
CEXCommunication Executive
CEXCrypto Express
CEXCurrency Exchanger Rate
CEXComputer Exchange
CEXCharge Exchange
CEXCentre of Excellence (Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode; Kozhikode, Kerala, India)
CEXComplete Entertainment Exchange (Boston, MA)
CEXExtrinsic Collector Capacitance (transistors)
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(i) Multiple cation exchange. The application of the Gaines-Thomas formalism used in PHREEQC2 was not useful without adjusting cation exchange coefficients and, to a small extent, ion concentrations in the initial solution as indicated by the poor performance of model variants v1 and v2 for [K.sup.+] and [Na.sup.+] concentrations.
When resin containing adsorbed GOD was exposed to the flow of a glucose solution, the impedance of the anion exchange film increased, whereas that of the cation exchange film exhibited little change (see Fig.
Another method of soil test interpretation involves examining the percent of exchangeable cations found on cation exchange sites.
The cation exchange capacity is calculated as merely the sum of all cations.
The cation exchange resin was packed into a 30 mm X 100 mm column and washed with 2 M HCl (20 X column volume), followed by [H.sub.2]O (10 X column volume), 1 M NaOH (10 X column volume) and finally 10 volumes of 1 M HCl.
However, he goes on to state that the theory appears to be "reasonable in light of basic cation exchange phenomena and the effects that the degree of saturation of one cation may have on the availability of itself and other cations".
We call replacement of one ion for another cation exchange. Cations that can be replaced on exchange sites are said to be exchangeable, such as exchangeable potassium.
Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)--The unbuffered salt extraction method was used to determine the CEC (Sumner and Miller, 1996).
I explained that I too would not expect water tested in this way to give much of a difference in reading before and after passing through the cation exchange resin, because, after all, it is only designed to exchange one kind of ion for another.
Patented is a superabsorbent composition including a composition of a cationic superabsorbent and a cation exchange resin.
Barak and his colleagues have found the cation exchange capacity, or the soil's ability to hold on to small bits of calcium, magnesium and potassium, is decreasing because of soil acidity.
This month Part 3 of this three-part series, "Results of Pilot Plant Column and Copper Pipe Test Loop Studies," describes the results of inplant studies conducted using pilot plant columns containing cation exchange resin, granular activated carbon, and plastic contact media.