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CATNAPChicago Area Toon Novices and Professionals (Chicago, IL)
CATNAPCheapest Available Technology Narrowly Avoiding Prosecution (hazardous waste management and remediation)
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She sniffs each one, nurses a few at a time, plays with them and catnaps before leaving to hunt again.
In temperate and arctic zones, the sun is less severe, but possibly the catnap need still persists.
The show hosts Kaci Aitchinson and Bill Wixey were firing questions at the 'The Olympus Has Fallen' star and actor, Sir Michael Caine about their current film when Morgan began to catnap on camera, but instead of waking the movie star, they just continued to interview Michael, who was oblivious to the awkward situation.
Also, a catnap during the day can keep people's mind sharp.
ENJOYING a cosy catnap are Lucas and Dina AND guinea pig Charlie sneaks into Lucas's bed WOULD you like to see your pet's picture here in Pets Corner?
And seven out of 10 British workers quizzed said taking a 30-minute catnap would increase their productivity, improve their concentration and make them more alert.
CUTE kitty Tabatha chose the wrong place to take a catnap.
Watching it is as taxing on the brain as a Valium-induced catnap.
Around one in seven workers said they tried to have a catnap in the office to sleep off a hangover, either at their desk, in the toilet or even during a meeting.
Also, try not to catnap during the day no matter how tired you are.
After a hard morning chasing birds, Sammy can't wait until it's time for his catnap.