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CAUSCitizens Against UFO Secrecy (Peter Gersten, Esq, Founder)
CAUSColor Association of the United States
CAUSCausativo (Portuguese and Spanish: Causative; linguistics)
CAUSCollege of Architecture & Urban Studies (Virginia Tech)
CAUSCentral de Acción de Unificación Sindical (Spanish: Labor Action and Unity Central, Nicaragua)
CAUSCitizens Against Urban Sprawl
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iiic) is ill-formed since the causative -ikk is attached to the loan word type.
But it seems to me that causatives and perceptives are already linked by some version of the temporal, or directness, constraint invoked by Fischer; and that "grammaticalisation" may not be important in the former (causative) case, either.
In 2002, a SVM laboratory developed a reliable challenge system for experimental transmission of EBA that was used to establish that the causative agent was antibiotic susceptible.
The causative situation can according to Jackendoff's system generally be described as in (7); compare to the conceptual constituent structure of the sentence Lisa threw the apple to Tom in (8):
In the future, there will be a major need for improved knowledge of causative and pathophysiologic mechanisms and for more strict adherence to this knowledge before designing epidemiologic or pathogenetic studies.
Is a credit score a causative factor of automobile accidents?
The researcher observed, in Primary Health Care Clinics, that the causative organisms of vaginal infections are mainly diagnosed as being Candida albicans or Trichomonas vaginalis.
In a recent important contribution to our understanding of the relation between intransitive and transitive members of a verb pair, and more specifically of verb pairs consisting of inchoative and causative, Haspelmath (1993), itself an elaboration of Nedjalkov (1969), proposes a methodology for investigating such pairs and draws a number of typological conclusions.
On the other hand, the possibility remained that one or many more yet to be discovered genes would prove causative in many more if not most patients with Parkinson's disease.
So, it seems much more likely that causative infections occurred the previous winter.
3,4) Anomalies has been described with the maternal use of tretinoin cream, (5) but no external causative factors are readily apparent in this case.
This severe lung disease causes scarring of the airways and may cause permanent damage if a person is continually exposed to a causative substance.