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We have used method of indirect indication of the infection by the presence in the blood of the patients' antigen-connected lymphocytes (ACL) which react with the antigens of the bacterial causative agents of the disease.
The causative construction does not imply that the causer has control over the caused act.
In sum there are three types of causatives. With dative ko, causee is an affected agent passively performing an action, and so the sentence should be called non volitional causative.
In the future, there will be a major need for improved knowledge of causative and pathophysiologic mechanisms and for more strict adherence to this knowledge before designing epidemiologic or pathogenetic studies.
Causative verbs like make, cause, let, and have express causative meanings by themselves.
The selected causative layers include land cover, lithology, slope angle, elevation, distance to drainage, distance to faults, distance to roads, aspect and slope curvature and analyzed with the weight of evidence modelling technique to develop landslide susceptibility map.
Causative organisms and the resistance to antibiotic therapy varies a lot; with different areas of the same country harboring different pathogens.
Where concurrency is considered to be two equally causative events occurring at the exact same time, the occurrence of concurrency is likely to be limited whereas if events which overlap to some extent but the impact of which are felt at the same time then the application of concurrent delay is likely to be much wider.
It was sequenced for all the causative genes for CMT disease i.e.
The present study aimed to draw attention to various epidemiological features of SJS and TEN diseases such as causative drugs, underlying diseases, duration of hospitalization, and types of treatment.
The Morphological-To-Analytic Causative Continuum in Hausa: New Insights and Analyses in a Typological Perspective