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CAVECarlsbad Caverns National Park (US National Park Service)
CAVECave Automatic Virtual Environment
CAVECitizen(s) Against Virtually Everything
CAVEClub des Amateurs de Vins Exquis (French: Club of Lovers of Fine Wines; Switzerland)
CAVEComputer Aided Virtual Engineering
CAVECollaborative Virtual Environment
CAVECellular Authentication and Voice Encryption
CAVEComputer Assisted Virtual Environment
CAVECommunity Action Volunteers in Education (California State University, Chico)
CAVEContent Analysis of Verbatim Explanation (psychology)
CAVECaller Verification (EU)
CAVECenter for Advanced Vehicle Electronics (Auburn University)
CAVECERES/ARM Validation Experiment
CAVEColumbia Automated Vision Environment
CAVECitizens against Violence Everywhere (Beaufort County, SC)
CAVEComputerized Automatic Virtual Environment
CAVECitizens Aware of Virtually Everything
CAVEContractual Aspect of Value Engineering
CAVECatholic Audio-Visual Educators Association
CAVECompetitive Autonomous Vehicle
CAVEClub Angevin de Véhicules d'Epoque (French: Angevin Vintage Vehicles Club)
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Then I followed him into the cave, where I searched vainly for him.
A little later he disclosed the mystery of the wide-mouthed cave.
Suddenly a low but distinct moaning sound issued from the recesses of the cave behind me, and, as it reached the ears of the Indians, they turned and fled in terror, panic-stricken.
I told him that what lay beyond the eighth cave I could not even guess; but I was sure that somewhere upon the other side of the ice-barrier his mother lay in the power of Matai Shang, and that possibly his grandfather and great-grandfather as well, if they lived.
Whatever it was, it was coming slowly toward the entrance of the cave, and now, deep and forbidding, it uttered a low and ominous growl.
Three days and nights of toil and hunger in the cave were not to be shaken off at once, as Tom and Becky soon discovered.
Gr-gr-gr was standing beside me when the last of the cave men disappeared in rapid flight down the valley.
They led me toward the cliffs, and as we approached them, I glanced up and was sure that I saw Ajor's bright eyes peering down upon us from our lofty cave; but she gave no sign if she saw me; and we passed on, rounded the end of the cliffs and proceeded along the opposite face of them until we came to a section literally honeycombed with caves.
As he drew nearer, he discerned the black mouth of the cave.
In the wall of rock is a cave, and in the cave you will find the bones of a man.
Each of us picked up a faggot of this, and we made our way up weed-covered steps to the particular cave which was marked in the drawing.
When however he had thereby come to the door of his cave, lo, then had he again a longing for the good air outside, and for his animals, --and wished to steal out.