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CAVIESCavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps
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For the determination of sensitivity, specificity and other validation parameters, 156 cavies from breeding facilities in the districts of Lurin, Cieneguilla, Pachacamac and San Martin de Porras, all in Lima, were used.
The adrenal glands found in SYT cavies follow the topographic localization described in wild rodents as Lagostomus maximus (Ribes et al., 1999), Myocastor coypus (Machado et al., 2002; Culau et al., 2008), Dasyprocta agouti (Neves et al., 2007), Cavia porcellus (Cooper and Schiller, 1975), domestic animals as dogs, cats and horses (Reece, 2005) besides the humans (Kempna and Fluck, 2008).
During 1191 trap-days we captured 19 adult male southern mountain cavies from a 1.8-ha area, using Havahart-type traps.
The increased weight of the Peyer's patches in some cavies can be a signal of a NPs accumulation in the intestine that lead inflammation processes (Table 2).
Although Grug forces the family to live life in a cave, hunting their prey by day and hiding from their predators by night (as they're the last of many cavies in the area) the young cave girl has ideas of her own.
:) Did you know that guinea pigs are also called "cavies" and that they come from the Andes mountains in South America?
The event will be an agrarian-style mini-Olympics, with field-based games and teams divided into the categories of beef, dairy, poultry, livestock, equine, dogs, arts and crafts and cavies. Each team of 10 kids will have its own flag and cheer, and each event is worth a specific number of points.
Although the camera failed for the first threeway tie earlier in the month, the Mac-Finish apparatus was fully operational on the 26th, with Castletroy Bobby, Foxy Vision and Cavies Panther on the line in the photo.
Cavies' floppy and hairy ears muffle sound so make sure they are clean.
Official Guide Book Raising Better Rabbits & Cavies, The American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc., PO Box 426, Bloomington, IL 61704; ph: 309-664-7500; e-mail:;
In the wild, cavies inhabit almost all topographic areas from Colombia and Venezuela, south to Brazil and northern Argentina.