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CAVComputer-Aided Verification
CAVConstant Angular Velocity
CAVConstant Air Volume
CAVCanine Adenovirus
CAVContrat d'Avenir (French: Future Contract; employment contract)
CAVCommon Aero Vehicle
CAVCardiac Allograft Vasculopathy
CAVChicken Anemia Virus
CAVCollision Avoidance System
CAVCyclophosphamide Doxorubicin Vincristine
CAVCoalition Anti-Vivisection (Belgium)
CAVCommercial Asset Visibility
CAVCentre Alexis Vautrin (French: Alexis Vautrin Center; est. 1924; Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France)
CAVComposite Armored Vehicle
CAVCumulative Absolute Velocity (seismology)
CAVConfrérie des Amateurs de Vapeur (French: Brotherhood of Steam Enthusiasts)
CAVComponent Averaging (numerical technique for solving large sparse linear systems)
CAVColegio de Arquitectos de Venezuela (Spanish: Venezuela Association of Architects)
CAVCommon Aerospace Vehicle
CAVCentro Ecuménico Antonio Valdivieso (Antonio Valdivieso Ecumenical Centre)
CAVComputer Assisted Valuation (real property)
CAVCentral Africa Vision
CAVCompound Accreted Value
CAVCampo de Visão (Portugese)
CAVChick Anemia Virus
CAVCorrective Action Verification
CAVCentre Astronomique Vendéen (French: Vendéen Astronomical Center; Vendée, France)
CAVClub d'Aviron Vésenaz (French: Rowing Club Vésenaz; Vésenaz, Switzerland)
CAVCommand Assault Vehicle
CAVCrack Arrest Verification
CAVCombat Autonomous Vehicle
CAVClub Automodélisme de Viglain (French: Auto-Modeler Club of Viglain; Viglain, France)
CAVCommand Authority Violation
CAVContrat Assurance Vie (French: Life Insurance Contract)
CAVConsolidated Adjustment Voucher
CAVChampagne Audiovisuel (French: Champagne Audiovisual; Cormontreuil, France)
CAVComputer Aided Vexillology
CAVComputer Audio Video (music system)
CAVCentre d'Art Visuel (French: Visual Art Center; France and Switzerland)
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As a general rule, houses built after 1920 have cavity walls and those built before don't, but there are exceptions to the rule.
The inner walls of the first cavity are then constructed from a perfect absorber (emissivity [epsilon] = 1 and reflectivity [rho] = 0) and should therefore contain black radiation.
The development of large-scale vortices in the cavity shear layer had been demonstrated to be a key factor for the generation of acoustic waves near the cavity trailing edge, which propagate upstream and excite the shear layer as a feedback [15].
It is known that the power of input wave has to be greater than that of loss in the open cavity including the power absorbed by the cavity wall and the power leaked out of the cavity, and the resonance in the cavity can be established.
The oscillatory unstable cavity flow was large enough to interfere with the through flow.
There are tiny weep holes in the outer brick leaf at the bottom of the cavity but these cause negligible air movement in the cavity.
About eight million homes in the UK have uninsulated cavity walls, meaning a lot of heat is being wasted.
A hassle-free way to save energy and prevent money disappearing into thin air is to stop this heat escaping with cavity wall insulation.
Differences in the rate of cavity development between breast-fed children and bottle-fed children were evaluated employing a series of surveys.
Breeding season studies suggest that cavities are a limiting factor for breeding populations of secondary cavity users (Scott, 1979; Newton, 1994; Holt and Martin, 1997).
A replica of the moving side mold plate was machined out of a clear acrylic sheet to duplicate the shape and venting of the moving cavity (Fig.