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CEASECompact Environmental Anomaly Sensor
CEASECollaborative European Anti-Smoking Evaluation (European Respiratory Society)
CEASECitizens to End Animal Suffering and Exploitation (Somerville, MA)
CEASECenter to End Adolescent Sexual Exploitation
CEASECannabis Enforcement and Suppression Effort (Wisconsin)
CEASEConcerned Educators for a Safe Environment (Cambridge, MA)
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Again, while the object of knowledge, if it ceases to exist, cancels at the same time the knowledge which was its correlative, the converse of this is not true.
But when he heard Skipper's commands cease, and, seconds later, heard his cursings in the barbed wire, he set up a shrill yelping and clawed and scratched frantically at the blanket to get out.
When Cease hit one of baseball's magical marks on the radar gun, it was a sign that he is back to full strength after a shortened rookie season following Tommy John surgery.
On this matter when asked, an ECP official stated that the Commission can only cease their membership for time being as it is the only provision in existing laws.
The attachment holds two examples of cease and desist letters in the field of trademark law showing typically pre-worded clauses.
The Sudanese government signed a cease fire yesterday with a collection of
We need that understanding to turn on a permanent cease fire--and an end to MS.
368-2(b)(1) (ii)(B) because Z's separate legal existence does not cease for all purposes.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on June 28, 2005, the issuance of an order of prohibition and order to cease and desist against Matthew T.
We see ourselves and our loved ones becoming older day by day and eventually all we know will cease to be.
Urbina ordered the Coalition to cease its retaliatory actions against the employees and to restore full hours to them.
With almost 2 decades of industry service he started Cease Collect to also help consumers with their credit troubles dealing with unethical collection practices and out of control debts.