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CEZCeske Energeticke Zavody (Czechoslovia)
CEZCortez, CO, USA - Montezuma County (Airport Code)
CEZChernobyl Exclusion Zone (Ukraine)
CEZConstruction Exclusion Zone (British standard recommendations for trees in relation to construction)
CEZCagayan Export Zone Authority (Philippines)
CEZCanadian Electrolytic Zinc Limited
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Tita and colleagues evaluated an indigent patient population with an inherently high rate of postoperative infection; they showed that adding azithromycin 500 mg to cefazolin significantly reduced the rate of postcesarean endometritis.
The highest resistance has been to cotrimoxazole and cefazolin and the highest sensitivity has been to nitrofurantoin and gentamicin.
The company stated that the CEFAZOLIN injection is a cephalosporin antibacterial is indicated for preoperative prophylaxis treatment.
Gram- positive bacteria were highly resistant to penicillin azithromycin and erythromycin moderately susceptible to levofloxacin and cefazolin and completely susceptible to vancomycin.
3% of cefazolin patients, and Clostridium difficile colitis developed in 2.
The most common agents prescribed were ciprofloxacin (24%), cefazolin (25%), gentamicin (4%) and TMP-SMX (3%) (Table 3, Fig.
Eight serial, two-fold dilutions of the antibiotic and essential oil were prepared to assess the combinatory antimicrobial activity of cinnamon bark, tea tree, peppermint, marjoram, and lavender essential oils with ampicillin, cefuroxime, carbenicillin, cefazolin, piperacillin, ceftazidime and meropenem against E.
Transformants were resistant to ampicillin, cefazolin, and pipericillin/tazobactam but susceptible to third-and fourth-generation cephalosporins.
The results indicated that resistance rate of antibiotics was in the range of 95% Penicillin (PEN), 82% Amoxicillin (AMO), 77% Cefazolin (CEF), 59% Ceftriaxone (CEFT) and Tetracyclin (TET), 46% Gentamicin (GEN), 32% Nitrofurantoin (NIT), 27% Cefoxitin (CEFX and Ofloxacin (OFL), 23% Streptomycin (STR), 19% Chloramfenicol (CHL) and 9% Meropenem (MER).
In question is the sentence, "'Observation for at least 48 hours--but no routine diagnostic testing--in well-appearing infants of any gestational age whose mother received adequate intrapartum GBS prophylaxis (clarified in the newly revised guidelines to be at least 4 hours of intravenous penicillin, ampicillin, or cefazolin before delivery).