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CEZCeske Energeticke Zavody (Czechoslovia)
CEZCortez, CO, USA - Montezuma County (Airport Code)
CEZCastle Eggman Zone (gaming; Sonic Robo Blast 2)
CEZChernobyl Exclusion Zone (Ukraine)
CEZConstruction Exclusion Zone (British standard recommendations for trees in relation to construction)
CEZCagayan Export Zone Authority (Philippines)
CEZCanadian Electrolytic Zinc Limited
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In the univariate analysis, the requirement for ICU support (p<0.001), higher CCI (p=0.001), AST level (p=0.003) and treatment with antimicrobials other than cefazolin (p=0.038) or other beta-lactams (including piperacillin-tazobactam, ceftriaxone, imipenem, meropenem) (p=0.022) were determined as risk factors for mortality among patients with MSSA.
A total of 150 gynaecological surgeries were taken for the study, such that 75 patients were given cefazolin prophylaxis & the next 75 patients were given cefotaxime & metronidazole.
Some experts recommend that, for women in labor and for women with more than 4 hours of ruptured membranes, IV azithromycin 500 mg be added to the standard narrow-spectrum cefazolin regimen to reduce the rate of postoperative infection.
Usage of prophylactic antibiotics during IDET is similar to that in discography: Cefazolin, clindamycin or Vancomycine may be preferred.5 In this study, all of the patiens had used prophylactic antibiotics before the procedure.
coli (blood culture) MIC/ KB value (specimen collected on 12/07/2016) Ampicillin/sulbactam Resistant (R) > 16/8 Amikacin Sensitive (S) [greater than or equal to] 16 Ampicillin R > 16 Aztreonam S [greater than or equal to] 8 Ceftriaxone S [greater than or equal to] 8 Cefoxitin S [greater than or equal to] 8 Cefazolin S [greater than or equal to] 8 Ciprofloxacin R > 2 Ertapenem S [greater than or equal to] 1 Gentamicin S [greater than or equal to] 4 Imipenem Not tested Piperacillin/ S [greater than or equal to] 16 tazobactam Trimethoprim/ R > 2/38 sulfamethoxazole Test panel E.
The highest resistance was to Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (56.39 percent), nalidixic acid (55.49 percent), and cefazolin (54.27 percent) (Table 3).
Hospital products company Baxter International (NYSE:BAX) and Water Street Healthcare Partners Friday jointly reported the receipt of the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval for CEFAZOLIN Injection in GALAXY Container (2 g/100 ml).
aureus and Enterococcus against penicillin azithromycin erythromycin levofloxacin cefazolin and vancomycin were analyzed.
This edition also includes new cefazolin interpretive criteria and recommendations for use as a surrogate test for uncomplicated UTIs to predict results for oral cephalosporins.
A number of drug-related adverse events occurred more often in 366 patients who received outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) with nafcillin, compared with 119 patients treated with cefazolin, including rash (13.9% vs.
1) The most common single antibiotic regimens prescribed were ciprofloxacin (32%), cefazolin (25%) and gentamicin (3%), respectively.