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CEILControlled Equipage Item List
CEILContributing to Equality from Independent Living (various locations)
CEILCentres pour l'Enseignement Intensif des Langues (French: Intensive Language Education Centers; Algeria)
CEILComercial Exportadora Industrial, Ltda. (Portuguese: Commercial Exporting Industrial, Ltd.; Brazil)
CEILCastolin Eutectic Ireland Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland)
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Strickland took a lamp with him, while I tried to make clear the danger of hunting roof snakes between a ceiling cloth and a thatch, apart from the deterioration of property caused by ripping out ceiling-cloths.
Monsieur Stangerson," he said, "tells us that the two bullets have been found in The Yellow Room, one embedded in the wall stained with the impression of a red hand--a man's large hand --and the other in the ceiling.
Do what he would, and love me though he did, the light left his face ever and again, and a film came over the placid look at the white ceiling.
She got upon the table, and touched the spot in the ceiling with her fingers.
Philip could see that they looked upon Athelny as a little queer; but they liked him none the less and they listened open-mouthed while he discoursed with his impetuous fluency on the beauty of the seventeenth-century ceiling.
The luminous ceiling had been extinguished, but the saloon was still resplendent with intense light.
A few ingots toppled from the higher tiers, a single piece of the rocky ceiling splintered off and crashed downward to the floor, and the walls cracked, though they did not collapse.
Its light illuminated a strip of thick tapestry, hanging loose from the ceiling to the floor, on the wall opposite to the door by which we had entered.
With all these personal advantages (to which may be added a strong savour of tobacco-smoke, and a prevailing greasiness of appearance) Mr Swiveller leant back in his chair with his eyes fixed on the ceiling, and occasionally pitching his voice to the needful key, obliged the company with a few bars of an intensely dismal air, and then, in the middle of a note, relapsed into his former silence.
The Wieroo raised his wings in a very human shrug and waved his bony claws toward the human skulls supporting the ceiling.
There were chandeliers hung from the ceiling, I remember, many servants in livery, gaming-tables where the men played with piles of gold, and a staircase down which the guests made their entrance.
Practically, we should rise to the ceiling," said the Earl.