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CENSChina Economic News Service (online trade promotion resource; est. 1974; Taiwan)
CENSCenter for Embedded Networked Sensing (UCLA NSF)
CENSCentre Nantais de Sociologie (French: Nantes Center of Sociology; University of Nantes; Nantes, France)
CENSCommunity Emergency Notification System (various locations)
CENSCentre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Seclay
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Censorship of gay and lesbian materials through criminal law is primarily a story of the law of obscenity.
We denounce the fact that censorship authorities have prevented the screening of Hesham Issawi's 'Cairo Exit' at the Luxor African Film Festival," dozens of filmmakers and critics said in a signed statement.
Meanwhile, scriptwriter Fayez Ghali is going to organise a conference this week that will be attended by famous Egyptian stars, to determine the final decision on censorship.
We would very much like to stay in China, we would very much like the censorship which we oppose to not be in China," he stressed.
But this is perhaps painting in black something which warrants a shade of grey, since there may be good intent behind some forms of censorship.
Five years on and Google has announced that it is no longer prepared to comply with Chinese censorship requirements.
Sunday's announcement came two weeks after newspaper editors said they sat down with officers from Sudan's national security service to sign a code of journalistic conduct, seen as a precursor to the lifting of censorship.
Sudan's journalists have complained of regular censorship, saying security officers often visit their offices to check and sometimes remove articles ahead of publication, despite constitutional guarantees of a free media.
There is also no sustained attempt to explain the persistence of drama censorship in Britain for so long: the main, rather fleeting suggestions along these lines are that stage managers preferred the "certainty" of prior censorship to risking having their productions closed down by post-presentation prosecutions (i.
Raz-Krakotzkin argues that censorship not only redefined Christian attitudes toward Jews but also shaped "modern Jewish perceptions" (31).
Censorship and Literature is divided into three sections.
Associate Professor of History at Aurora University) presents Banned in Kansas: Motion Picture Censorship 1915-1966.