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CGYCalgary (Canada)
CGYCagayan de Oro, Philippines (Airport Code)
CGYCenter of Gravity (usually seen as CG)
CGYChicago Gay Youth (Chicago, IL)
CGYCertificado de Garantía Yasuní (Spanish: Yasuní Guarantee Certificate; Ecuador)
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BODY-BALANCE TRICKS--Jumping While Holding Your Toes: To jump forward, you must move your center of gravity in front of your base of support.
Like the Army, the Navy's doctrine states that a "center of gravity is something the enemy must have to continue military operations--a source of his strength, but not necessarily strong or a strength in itself.
The next section presents in more detail the center of gravity challenge problem.
Joint and ligament relaxation must be considered when doing heavy or repetitive motion work, and rapid movements should be avoided since the increased body size and change in center of gravity increases the risk of falls.
Correctly identifying the center of gravity (COG) of an adversary is critical to designing an operational approach to defeat him.
That point where it balances is called the center of gravity.
The long wheelbase and low center of gravity provide added stability on uneven terrain.
FLIP SIDE: When a turtle's center of gravity (where the turtle's is concentrated) is nearest the ground, the turtle is most stable.
"You need to keep your center of gravity over the skateboard."
Then we make weight-and-balance calculations for and fly in trainer airplanes in con- figurations where center of gravity (CG) distribution is rarely a factor.
These are a very low altitude in approach (below 100ft), an aircraft with a center of gravity that is at the aft of the plane, a specific landing configuration and the need for the crew to perform a dynamic maneuver such as go-around.
Space and Launch, a division of Boeing Defense, Space & Security, currently has its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia."Looking to the future, this storied Florida space community will be the center of gravity for Boeing's space programs as we continue to build our company's leadership beyond gravity," said Boeing Defense, Space & Security President and CEO Leanne Caret.
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