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Subsidiaries of Anubis Advisors, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Island Capital, have been retained as the exclusive external managers for C-III and Centerline.
This rating action commentary only speaks to the impact of the proposed recapitalization on Fitch-rated CDOs currently managed, prior to the transfer to CSI, by Centerline REIT Inc.
Centerline, which has a staff of 221, offers debt financing and equity investment products, as well as asset management services to developers, owners and investors.
These factors made this an attractive deal for Centerline," added Cox.
Centerline retains and will continue to operate its core businesses: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) origination, asset management, and affordable and conventional multifamily lending, principally as an agency, or Government-Sponsored Enterprise (GSE), lender.
Earlier this week, Centerline extended its exclusivity agreement with Hunt Capital, which precluded the target from exploring other alternatives, to 10 June from 7 June.
Centerline Capital Group, a subsidiary of Centerline Holding Company (OTC: CLNH), provides real estate financial and asset management services, including institutional debt and equity fund management, mortgage banking and primary and special loan servicing.
Prior to Centerline, Feigenbanm worked as the chief marketing officer for J.
The downgrades are due to the significant financial challenges facing parent company, Centerline Holding Company (CHC), and the potential impact of these challenges on the servicing operations.
Centerline Capital Group, a provider of real estate financial and asset management services for multifamily housing, reported today that it has closed on its first non-multifamily financing.
Spector Group a LEED accredited, leading metropolitan New York-based architecture, interior and planning firm, announced that it will serve as the turn-key architect for the relocation of Centerline Capital Group, a multifamily real estate finance and asset management company, to 100 Church Street.
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