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CERMETCeramic and Metal
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New cermet reamers have been studied quite recently (Slany, 2011).
The updated method [6-8] for measuring and describing materials (cermet in particular) resistance to high temperature abrasive wear of low intensity and effect of oxidation is assessed.
To obtain the [Cr.sub.3][C.sub.2]-Ni (80 wt% [Cr.sub.3][C.sub.2], 20 wt% Ni) cermet powder, powders of pure Cr (99.5 wt%; average particle size 6.65 [micro]m) and pure Ni (99.7 wt%; average particle size 2.4 [micro]m), supplied by Pacific Particulate Materials Ltd., as well as pure carbon black (99.7 wt%; average particle size 6.45 [micro]m), supplied by Imerys SA, were milled in the conventional ball mill with hardmetal balls (ball-to-powder ratio 20:1) in isopropanol during 72 h, then plasticized and sintered in vacuum at 1100 [degrees]C to obtain bulk compacts.
The reamed hole was blind and was made by six blade reamer with brazed cermet cutting edges.
To fabricate the inward gradient lubricating layer, the porous cermet, which was soaked in the [B.sub.2][O.sub.3]-KF infiltration agent solution, and the lubricating alloy were put into a graphite crucible and then were rapidly heated to 700[degrees]C in a vacuum high frequency induction furnace.
Five year study of Class II restorations in permanent teeth using amalgam, glass ionomer, cermet and resin based composite material.
Sumitomo has launched a new generation of lubricated film coatings, called Brilliant Coat, on its TI500Z cermet inserts for use when finishing low-carbon and general steels, where a superior finish and dimensional stability are required.
Additionally, application of coatings, such as traditional noble metals and the more advanced ceramic-metallic (Cermet) composites, allows the user to operate electrosurgical products at lower power settings, resulting in less thermal spread and minimized tissue damage.
Designed with precision, productivity and flexibility in mind, the tool grinder produces and resharpens rotationally symmetrical tools and complex parts made from high speed steel, carbide, cermet and ceramic in a single clamping.
(3) Cermet is a material of ceramic base or matrix with a mixture of metals or alloys.