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CERTComputer Emergency Response Team
CERTComputer Emergency Readiness Team (US government)
CERTComprehensive Error Rate Testing (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
CERTCommunity Emergency Response Team
CERTCarbon Emissions Reduction Target (UK)
CERTCommunity Emergency Response Training (various locations)
CERTCertificado de Reembolso Tributario (Spanish: Tax Refund Certificate; Colombia)
CERTClean Energy Resource Team (Minnesota)
CERTCritical Emergency Response Team
CERTCitizens Emergency Response Team
CERTCouncil of Energy Resource Tribes (group of Native American tribes with energy resources, since 1976; Denver, CO and Washington, DC, USA)
CERTCommittee on Energy Research and Technology (International Energy Agency)
CERTCorrectional Emergency Response Team (Indiana)
CERTCampus Emergency Response Team
CERTCorrections Emergency Response Team
CERTCentre d'Etudes et de Recherches de Toulouse (French)
CERTCentre for Economic Reform and Transformation (Scottish)
CERTCorporate Equity Reduction Transaction (US IRS)
CERTCrisis Emergency Response Team
CERTCombined Environmental Reliability Testing
CERTCenter of Excellence for Applied Research & Training
CERTCalifornia Education Round Table
CERTColorado Evolution Response Team
CERTCommunication Emergency Response Team
CERTComposite Electrical Readiness Test (NASA)
CERTCenter for Emergency Response Technology
CERTCertified Electronic Reporter and Transcriber (American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers)
CERTCognitive Emotional Restructuring Therapy
CERTCommittee of Emergency Response Team
CERTConcordia Emergency Response Team (Concordia University; Canada)
CERTChildren's Emergency Relief Team
CERTCenter of Research and Training
CERTCrew Escape and Rescue Technique
CERTCertificate/Certification of Eligibility
CERTCommunity Enforcement Response Team (Las Cruces, NM)
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The winner CERTs would be awarded with certificates and prizes on International Volunteer Day organized by Rescue 1122 in collaboration with partner organizations like Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), United Nations Volunteers (UNV) and Humanetek for Mohafiz.
Help Enterprises at Southport will assist 24 people to deliver the HELP2Youth Success project (Cert II in Hospitality, Cert II in Business, Cert I in Core Skills for Employment and Training Communication) $47,900
Cert ID offers a comprehensive range of third party certification schemes aimed at the food industry, from farmers and growers through to manufacturers, suppliers to the food industry, retailers and foodservice businesses.
The proposed regulations define a loss limitation year as the tax year in which the CERT occurs and each of the two succeeding tax years.
THE SWEENEY Cert 15, 112mins Starring: Ray Winstone, Ben Drew, Damian Lewis Regan and Carter return in a thriller that's big, brash and bound to please both fans of the TV show and newcomers.
With the establishment of the network, the CERT Group is looking to increase the number of drinks cases it handles from 35m to 50m by the end of 2006.
area that do not have a CERT team member can register a building representative with the CERT.
Although the genesis of the cert pool is unclear, the logic behind its creation is clear: to save time and increase efficiency.
Given the Burger court's close division between liberals and conservatives in the capital cases and the growing rancor on both sides, it was only a matter of time before the minority-based cert.
What we want to know, and what these scholars fail to tell us, is how often the justices vote to grant cert simply to correct an error committed by a lower court.