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CxCulture (e.g., bacterial)
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CXChristmas Island
CXContext (Novell Netware)
CXCross Reference
CXCircumflex (artery)
CXChristmas Islands (ISO country code)
CXCommodity Exchange (New York, NY)
CXCount Register (assembler)
CXPhosgene Oxime
CXCross Examination Debate
CXControl Transmitter
CXConfiguration Index
CXChron X (game)
CXComposite Signaling
CXConsumer Exchange
CXRural Exchange
CXCriticality Experiment
CXColor Exterior Film (NASA)
CXColumn Extractant
CXCummings Exclusively (Mi6 Intelligence Report)
CXCylinder in Diopters, Axis in Degrees (ophthalmology)
CXActual / on scene (as in WxCx)
CXCategorical Exclusion
CXCharacter Transmission
CXChief Executive
CXChange Context
CXCathay Pacific Airways
CXCenter of Expertise (Army Corps of Engineers)
CXChallenge X (hybrid vehicle development project)
CXCheck Cancellation (stop payment)
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Study's lead author, Michal Elovitz, noted, "Vaginal and cervical bacteria have diverse effects on the cervix.
There are clear-cut guidelines for managing a rigid cervix in term pregnancies, but this aspect of cervical stenosis is not taken into account at lower gestational ages.
found that the association of glutathione-S-transferase Mu 1 null genotype in cervical cells with increased risk of squamous carcinoma of cervix.
circle electrosurgical extraction system (LEEP) in which a cone-formed bit of tissue containing the unusual segments is expelled from the cervix, utilizing a properly measured circle.
Difficulties in diagnosing tuberculosis of the cervix in a post menopausal woman: Case report and literature review.
DYSIS has advanced the standard colposcopy technique by using digital imaging technology that assists physicians in detecting changes in a womans cervix and helping guide biopsy selection to determine the best course of treatment to prevent cervical cancer.
Follow-up of the patient after completion of radiotherapy showed no evidence of growth in the cervix.
The literature is overwhelmed with evidences supporting the importance of early detection of precancerous lesions of the cervix by cytological examination using Pap smear.
Similar results are found in this case wherein parturition was induced within 48 hours, using Valethamate bromide and calcium to accelerate the ripening of the cervix and uterine inertia.
Superficial zone--The uppermost surface of the cervix where mature cells eventually die and shed in the normal process of skin shedding (1).
Carcinoma of cervix accounting for about 12% of all cancer cases globally, is a preventable disease that continues to occur as the second most common cancer among women throughout the world.
More than a third of the 646 women with a short cervix who were studied were placed on some kind of activity restriction, despite the general lack of evidence and guideline endorsement for the practice in this context, Dr.