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CETECentre Togolais des Expositions et Foires (French: Togo Center of Exhibitions and Fairs; Togo)
CETECenter on Education and Training for Employment
CETECentre d'Études Techniques de l'Équipement
CETECenter for Educational Testing and Evaluation (University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS)
CETEConsortium for Excellence in Teacher Education (est. 1983)
CETECentral European Transition Economies
CETECentral European Technology Exchange
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Ka cete kaice o tci n!a'an-n!a'an ko ka se ce du ka A'ae ko HIV khoea he kxae ju nAuia koqa koara, ,xau tcisa o koqa-koqa he Aoa jan.
All the three chalcogenides, namely, CeS, CeSe, and CeTe, considered in the present work crystallize in the NaCl type structure (B1) with space-group symmetry Fm3 m under normal conditions.
The primary objective of the study team's visit was to work with Poland to help it become part of CETE and learn about technology transfer activities from members in the United States and Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia).
"The staff at CETE has built an extraordinary base of knowledge," says Aring, "including the world's leading clearinghouse on best practices in adult learning, pioneering work in online assessment that, for the first time, promises to create transparency about educational performance, a national dissemination center on best practices in adult and technical education, and exciting tech prep initiatives linking community and technical colleges to high schools."
The company said the new ETFs were designed to replicate the price and yield performance of local Treasury bills, or Cetes, one to five-year fixed-rate bonds, five to 10-year fixed-rate bonds, inflation-indexed UDI bonds, and dollar-denominated government bonds.