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CET PARCeteris Paribus (Other Things Been Equal)
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A hypothetical increase of the base case PD by 25% and LGD by 50%, ceteris paribus, would lead to a downgrade of the Class A Notes to A (high) (sf).
And I am not relying on ceteris paribus, but on solid grounds and some historical facts.
So, ceteris paribus, if one were consuming one cup of rice prior to the price increase, then consumption goes down by one-fifth cup after a price increase of, say, P40 to P48 per kilo.
For example, given the considerable magnitude of these differentials in the United States, the pattern of internal migration should be expected to be significantly affected by livingcost differentials because, ceteris paribus, a higher living-cost level reduces real income and the standard of living.
The law of demand states, ceteris paribus, the higher the price of a good, the lower the quantity demanded but the higher the quantity supplied because producers get more revenue.
Proposition 1: Exchange rate fluctuations have direct impact on dividend repatriation decision rather than the transitory changes in repatriation taxes due to exchange rate fluctuations, ceteris paribus, appreciation of host country currency against the home country currency results in higher dividend repatriation and vice versa.
A fundamental weakness of economic theory is the assumption of ceteris paribus which simply means "other factors held constant".An economic model that attempts to predict the relationship between one economic variable and all others is practically impossible to implement.
B1=0.5, is a partial regression coefficient of land size and tell us the influence of land size on the maize production ceteris paribus. This means that for each 1unit increase in land size, there will be an increase in maize yield by 0.5 kgs.
Ceteris paribus, higher government spending, faster payment of contractor debt and a new public sector liquidity cycle/fiscal stimulus has had a 'trickle up' impact on local property markets.
This perspective leads empiricists to the safe conclusion that Christmas, and a spurt in gift exchanges, is caused by a prior increase in the money supply and, ceteris paribus, a drop in savings.
70, emphasis in original) This proposal is a philosophical treasure trove--or hornet's nest--but the main implication for economic methodology would be that economics can therefore provide us with strict counter-factual laws that do not need a ceteris paribus (CP) clause.
Joining the defense of slimy political figures such as Manafort makes one, ceteris paribus, into a slimy political figure.