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cf.confer (Latin: Compare)
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His sermons, notably on the Assumption and Nativity, mark the final triumph of Christian blending of its own Images and language with those of pagan classicism; cf. V.A.
Currently, 115 care centers in the US are accredited by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to provide treatment and supervise preventive management services for approximately 90 percent of those diagnosed with CF. The centers adhere to standards of care established in the Foundation's Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cystic Fibrosis.
The children (2, 3, and 3 years old, respectively) did not present clinical signs of CF. F508del was in trans of N1224K and L73F, and the variable CF-causing 3849+10KbC>T was in trans of G1127E (16).
Cystic Arts by Khloe's Hope is an art therapy YouTube channel that features lessons on drawing, painting, sculpting, needle crafting, jewelry making, and other artistic expressions to help people with CF and their caregivers of all ages work through the emotions that come with having CF.
A sweat chloride concentration >60 mmol/L is the hallmark of typical or classic CF. Abnormal CFTR function in sweat glands manifests as impaired salt (NaCl) reabsorption and is the physiological basis of the sweat test.
However, more recently the Clinical and Functional Translation of CFTR project (CFTR2) has been created to assess disease severity of patients with CF. Researchers of CFTR2 gathered global data from CF patient registries, functional research, and clinical data to harmonize annotation terminology of CFTR variants (6).
As soon as VT confirmed the woman was trying to be the third party, she went ballistic and allegedly sent scathing messages to CF. Of course, CF was disturbed by what was going on so took time away from her social accounts.
All babies are screened for CF. Every year, a few adults are diagnosed with CF.
PBS can be an initial manifestation of CF or develops during follow-up of CF. In this study, we aimed to evaluate patients with CF with respect to the development of PBS during diagnosis and follow-up period.
Fractures, particularly of the ribs and vertebrae, can lead to significant morbidity in patients with CF.
The program aims to support patients and caregivers as they navigate their journey of living with CF.
There is also the risk of cross-infection between people with CF. Chronic bacterial infections are common and antibiotic resistance is a big problem.