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CHAFECypress Hills Advocates for Education (Brooklyn, NY)
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Outside, Chafe recommends inspecting your irrigation system while it's running to check for standing water.
stage of crafting a libretto, Cavanagh had worked with Chafe as dramaturge, helping him shape the arc of the story.
Obama wants to engage the rest of the world on its own terms, in a dialogue of respect," Chafe, a longtime American history professor at Duke University who is now vice provost for undergraduates at the school, added.
Although much of this has been noted in scholarship before, never has it been articulated with anything like the clarity, detail, and sophistication that Chafe brings to the task.
In true Chafe fashion, he kept a journal of life on board ship for the three-week journey.
Chafe believes that the choices these leaders made at key moments in their lives had a profound impact on the type of people they became and the type of leaders they were.
Anne Carson's new translation -- friendly to a contemporary ear -- doesn't chafe against Sachs' mostly traditional production.
Desde hace casi cuatro anos, Morales ha estado trabajando en el Center for New Music and Audio Technologies de la Universidad de Berkeley, California, y con el cellista y tambien compositor e investigador del mismo centro, Christofer David Chafe (1952), ha integrado un duo para la interpretacion de sus propias obras musicales.
I, too, chafe at restrictions that seem arbitrary, and I especially respect those who loved the sciences as much as the men of their times did.
It is coated to prevent bacterial infection and we have tried to arrange the seams so that they don't chafe," Col Suchanek said.
Machinery exhibitors, who also chafe at the cost of shows, may be learning to use them more efficiently.
Two dancers (Maya de Silva Chafe and Monica Herrera were summer replacements for La Meira and Laura Montes) are enveloped in the throaty chants of cantaor David Castellano and the strummed punctuation of guitarist Christian Puig.