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CHGCompressed Hydrogen Gas (fuel type)
CHGChlorhexidine Gluconate (aka chloraprep)
CHGCentre Hospitalier de Granby (French: Granby Hospital Center; Granby, Canada)
CHGConfederación Hidrográfica del Guadiana (Spanish: Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation; Guadiana, Spain)
CHGCoyle Hospitality Group (est. 1996; New York, NY)
CHGCentre Hospitalier Général (French: general hospital)
CHGConstellation Hotel Group (Australia)
CHGCertified Hydrogeologist
CHGCompass Hotel Group (Australia)
CHGCome Holy Ghost (Catholicism)
CHGCatalytic Hydrothermal Gasification (fuel production)
CHGCritical Hydraulic Gradient
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changed its name to Coface North America Insurance Co.
Without SAN Change Management, it becomes enormously costly, if not impossible, for storage administrators to work through a once changed cycle before having to make another change.
As participants make future changes to the workbook, a small colored triangle will appear in the corner of the changed cell (see B11 in exhibit 5).
The researchers used the national medical birth registry to identify women who had at least two births between 1967 and 1998; the study included 488,141 women, of whom 31,683 had changed partners between their first two pregnancies.
The partnership or S corp has changed, or will change, its tax year because its current year no longer qualifies as a natural business year or the S corp's current year no longer qualifies as an ownership tax year because a tax-exempt owner is disregarded.
His story of his on again off again career rings true with this knowledge worker who has changed jobs more often than is comfortable for any normal human being.
For instance, a 28-mm Alcoa finish can be changed to a 28-mm PCO finish with a slight adjustment in the transition region of the preform.
97-27, the district director may withhold consent if the method to be changed "would ordinarily be included as an item of adjustment in the years under examination.
Simply put, change management is a process whereby businesses can be transformed--from the inside out--to one which can adapt to, align itself with and succeed in its changed business environment.
economy to examine whether the key links between monetary policy and economic activity appear to have changed appreciably over the past decade.
In the range from 135[degrees] to 177[degrees]C, the behavior of tensile changed.
Improves database traceability and accountability with the ability to identify who made the change in addition to reporting what was changed and when and where.