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We have been intimately acquainted so long that I think it high time we have a chat together.
And have you often held a private chat with your friends?
In exchange for one penny its five hundred thousand readers received every week a serial story about life in highest circles, a short story packed with heart-interest, articles on the removal of stains and the best method of coping with the cold mutton, anecdotes of Royalty, photographs of peeresses, hints on dress, chats about baby, brief but pointed dialogues between Blogson and Snogson, poems, Great Thoughts from the Dead and Brainy, half-hours in the editor's cosy sanctum, a slab of brown paper, and--the journal's leading feature--Advice on Matters of the Heart.
They therefore began to chat also about other things, and the tulip-fancier found out to his great astonishment what a vast range of subjects a conversation may comprise.
Why not come and chat with me," said the Grasshopper, "instead of toiling and moiling in that way?
At last, at a lucky interval of chat, the sound reached the ears of our good landlady, who presently sent forth her summons, which both her servants instantly obeyed.
Johnson was telling me about her in a short chat I had with him during yesterday's second dog-watch.
There was my last skipper--w'y I thought nothin' of droppin' down in the cabin for a little chat and a friendly glass.
Bill was in bed when the bell rang, and received his late host in his pyjamas, wondering, as he did so, whether this was the New York custom, to foregather again after a party had been broken up, and chat till breakfast.
Talisma Chat and Talisma Email for AppExchange are two of the more than 375 applications now available on the salesforce.
The Chat 150 is a conference phone designed for small group or individual use.
com; a chat based mortgage "shopping mall" with instant live access to over one hundred mortgage companies.