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CKPTCombined Kidney-Pancreas Transplantation
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Sobriety checkpoint programs are defined as procedures in which law enforcement officers restrict traffic flow in a designated, specific location so they can check drivers for signs of alcohol impairment.
As part of the agreement with Sensormatic, Checkpoint will receive a $3.
For additional information, visit the Checkpoint Systems web site at www.
According to Arnold, of the 1,480 vehicles that passed through the checkpoint Thursday, 1,370 were screened.
Law enforcement agencies can reduce the risks attendant to single-purpose roadblocks by combining a drug canvass with a more readily justified DUI or licensing and registration checkpoint.
Wolf, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Checkpoint, said, "The termination of the distributorship agreement with Sensormatic provides Checkpoint with the opportunity to build its own marketing system in Europe.
and midnight, deputies at the checkpoint spoke to 545 motorists.
Resolution of the legality of the checkpoint stop itself, however, required only an interpretation of existing Fourth Amendment(4) case law and was resolved by the court on the defendants' motion for summary judgment.
CONTACT: Glenda Laudisio, 609-384-2411, or Kevin Dowd, 416-837-2121, both of Checkpoint Systems, or Kathleen Carroll of KMC Communications, 215-539-1052, for Checkpoint Systems/
A variety of unique source tagging solutions from Checkpoint will be used by METRO, including high speed auto-apply labels, fully integrated hang tags, shoe and woven labels with or without variable data to be applied on apparel, within apparel or into the shoe items.
In the first 80 minutes of the four-hour checkpoint, deputies impounded and towed away three cars driven by unlicensed motorists and issued a total of eight citations.
As part of its European strategy, Checkpoint has also renewed a long-term exclusive distribution agreement with Automated Security Holdings (ASH).