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CHEERSChildren's Environmental Exposure Research Study (US EPA)
CHEERSCalifornia Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services
CHEERSCommunity Health Education Emergency Rescue Services (Philippines)
CHEERSCalgary Home Educators' Encouragement and Resource Society (Canada)
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I never thought to see anything again of old Crab there, except little pieces, when I saw him tumbled over by it." (Laughter and shouting, and great slapping on the back of Jones by the boys nearest him.) "Well, but we beat 'em." (Cheers.) "Ay, but why did we beat 'em?
There was an expressed disdain in the opposition of the little group, that changed the meaning of the cheers of the men in blue.
When a crowd is once in the humour to cheer, it is just the same as when it begins to hiss.
Cheers and hand-clappings stormed up, and she heard affectionate cries of "Oh, you, Joe!" Men shouted it at him again and again.
You dispute it." (Cheers.) "Then I put you to the test.
From every corner flocked the people to see the company pass; and wildly did they cheer for the King, who rode smilingly with bared head down through the market-place.
Next marched the invited guests, who were loudly cheered by the people of Oz along the road, and were therefore obliged to bow to right and left almost every step of the way.
And while the people cheered and shouted, "Crutches" muttered, "Who can this devil be that is fighting so to get these useless books?--But no matter, he sha'n't have them.
"Dear Fairy, the fairest flowers have cheered me with their sweet breath, fresh dew and fragrant leaves have been ever ready for me, gentle hands to tend, kindly hearts to love; and for this I can only thank you and say farewell."
The abounding good cheer of these English whalers is matter for historical research.
The cheer followed--that was a matter of course; but it rang out so full and hearty that I confess I could hardly believe these same men were plotting for our blood.
that those whom I cheer with my fruit should repay me with these painful requitals!"