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CHiPCalifornia Highway Patrol
CHiPChildren's Health Insurance Program (US Government Health Care Finance Administration)
CHiPChildren's Health Insurance Plan
CHiPChromatin Immunoprecipitation
CHiPChemicals Hazard Information and Packaging (UK)
CHiPChildren's Hospital Informatics Program
CHiPChild Health Investment Partnership (Roanoke, VA)
CHiPCoronary Health Improvement Project (community-based lifestyle education program)
CHiPClonal Hematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential (heart disease)
CHiPChile Information Project
CHiPComputer Hacking and Intellectual Property (unit)
CHiPConsolidador de Hacienda e Información Financiera Pública (Spanish: Consolidator Public Finance and Financial Reporting; Colombia)
CHiPComprehensive Health Insurance Plan (Illinois)
CHiPCanadian Home Income Plan
CHiPCypress Hills Interprovincial Park (Canada)
CHiPCanadian Hotel Income Properties (REIT)
CHiPCommunity Health Improvement Process (various locations)
CHiPCapability and Hazard Identification Program (US FEMA)
CHiPCenter for Health, Intervention, and Prevention (University of Connecticut)
CHiPCalifornia Healthcare for Indigents Program
CHiPChildren's Health Involving Parents
CHiPCritical Homeland Infrastructure Protection
CHiPChildren's Health Initiative Program
CHiPChemical Hazard Information Profile
CHiPColorado Highway Patrol
CHiPCommunity Home-Based Initiatives Program
CHiPChemical (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations 2002 (UK)
CHiPCopenhagen HIV Program (Denmark)
CHiPConcerned Homeowners for Intelligent Power (Canada)
CHiPChild and Youth Health Intergovernmental Partnership (Australia)
CHiPCooperative for Health Insurance Purchasing
CHiPCanadian Hockey Initiation Program (Canada)
CHiPChild ID Program of America
CHiPCounty HAVA Implementation Plan (Indiana)
CHiPComputer Hackers and Intellectual Property (DoJ)
CHiPCommunity Health Information Partnerships
CHiPContingency Historical Information Preservation (team)
CHiPConcerned Homeowners in Partnership
CHiPCertified HCS Installation Partner (Turkey)
CHiPCustom Habitat Improvement Product
CHiPChicago Highway Patrol
CHiPCome Home I'm Pregnant
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We left him working among his chemicals, and we walked together towards my hotel.
The doctor is making important chemical discoveries (the possible value of which I can appreciate, being chemical myself), and he is not quite fool enough to expose valuable secrets to the view of all the world.
Around the room were retorts, tubes, cylinders, crucibles, and other apparatus of chemical research.
An official at Lotte Chemical said the company reviewed the feasibility of the bid but declined to confirm whether it submitted the bid for Hitachi Chemical.
REACH requires companies to develop information on chemicals' effects on human health and the environment, while TSCA does not require companies to develop such information absent EPA rule-making requiring them to do so.
Session 2 on "Reactive extrusion and PO modification/functionalization," will be chaired by Abdelhadi Sahnoune of ExxonMobil Chemical. Presentations will include the following: "Control of free radical chemistry during extrusion and compounding," Mohamed Esseghir, Dow Chemical; "Application of counter rotating non-intermeshing twin screw extruders to reactive extrusion processes," Chris Tucker, NFM; "Synthesis and characterization of long chain branched isotactic PP via metallocene catalyst and t-reagent," Michael Chung, Penn State University; "Improved functionalized polyolefins via reactive extrusion," Syed Abuzar, Chemtura; "Reactive processing of polypropylene--clay nano-composites," K.
The Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) law, which will go into effect in June 2007, takes a different approach than current U.S.
Some of the dyes are made of materials that change color to show how acidic or basic a chemical is.
Foamazol chemical blowing agents for use in most application such as structural foam, wire and cable, profile and sheet, blown and extruded films, blow molded containers, injection molding, and PP ribbon extrusion.
"The new CAS number search function reduces the ambiguity of search results for the global chemical industry," said Julie Mason, general manager of
"For the process path, all specialty chemicals should be used only if the value to operations exceeds the cost of the chemical.
Established in 1985 and with offices in the U.S., China, Southeast Asia and South America, Harriman Chemsult operates four monthly information services covering global market movements and prices, including "Chlor-Alkali Report," "Vinyl Chloride Report," "Bleaching Chemicals Report" and "Paper Chemicals Report." In addition, Harriman Chemsuk issues periodic multi-client consulting reports on a variety of industry sectors, produces conferences and offers consulting services for the world's chemical companies.