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It aims to provide relevant information to ensure safe chemical operations. When not thoroughly understood and controlled, says OSHA, chemical reactions can present serious, often catastrophic, results to workers and process equipment.
Adams, formerly vice president and general manager of the company's titanium dioxide pigment division, is responsible for all aspects of the company's chemical operations.
Reliable, cost-effective FKI Logistex systems are currently deployed by some of the most well-known, successful manufacturers worldwide, including food, beverage, converted paper and pulp, newspaper, and household chemical operations. These manufacturers enjoy the benefits of improved order accuracy, increased efficiency, and effective inventory and labor management.
'We are undertaking a detailed review of the smokeless fuel and chemical operations and have already met representatives of the Coalite workforce and its management team,' he added.
M-I also negotiated a long-term toll manufacturing agreement with Dynea in Lillestrom, Norway, to supply base chemicals used in production chemical operations.
As a qualified QA Auditor with a diploma in H&S Management and strong background in design and management of chemical operations, Ian is the "catalyst that will make Virotec a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of surface cleaning systems within the UK".
While technical support is critical to effective wet end chemical operations, many mills have drastically reduced their technical departments, and many suppliers can no longer afford to provide the high levels of service once expected.
The planned holding company is likely to take under control the chemical operations of the parent firms in the future, they said.
O'Brien senior vice president and group operating officer of chemical operations, which includes Ashland Specialty Chemical Co., Dublin, Ohio.
The firms' chemical operations are largely complementary and do not give rise to any significant overlaps in any product areas.
The assets sup ported lumber, pulp and chemical operations the company once had in the area.
Both BP and Amoco are also international leaders with their chemical operations.