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CBIRFChemical-Biological Incident Response Force (US DoD)
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(26) In addition, the National Guard also acquired the Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force duties from the Marine Corps.
CCMRF-1 uses a chemical-biological incident response force platoon and CCMRF-2 and CCMRF-3 use United States Army Reserve firefighting detachments combined to form a platoon-size capability.
DOD currently has two units with bioterrorism response capabilities, the Army's Technical Escort Unit (TEU) and the Marine Corps' Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF).
Marines are assigned to traditional CBRN defense duties as well as CBRN reconnaissance, technical escort, and chemical-biological incident response force duties.
Marine Corps chemical-biological incident response force (CBIRF).
[8] The Marine Corps has the nation's only Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF).
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