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Poplawski et al., "Identification of a testicular odorant receptor mediating human sperm chemotaxis," Science, vol.
The above-described genes (the Bd0108, Bd0109, pil genes, BD_RS00505, and Bd0103) are inserted in between two genes Bd0102 and Bd0121 encoding chemotaxis factors.
Wiedermann, "Expression and function of RANK in human monocyte chemotaxis," Arthritis & Rheumatism, vol.
Moreover, the mechanism for the decreased chemotactic activity in athletes may be related to humoral factors which influence chemotaxis or may imply exercise-induced intrinsic alterations in the cell itself [19].
Two replicates were performed per individual, with the egg positioning switched between replicates to avoid any potential biases due to collection artifacts, uneven diffusion, or potential directional biases in sperm swimming unrelated to chemotaxis. Between experiments, chambers were rinsed with hot fresh water and allowed to dry for 48 hours or more to remove any lingering chemoattractants.
Owing to this high order nonlinear term, chemotaxis leads to mathematical difficulties which have been investigated by several authors, see e.g.
Microphysiological brain model enables analysis of neuronal differentiation and chemotaxis. Lab Chip 16, 4152-4162.
A number of functional defects reported in neutrophils from patients with localised aggressive periodontitis includes chemotaxis defects, [15,16] defects in phagocytosis, (17,18) bactericidal activity [19] and superoxide production.
Several cytokines regulate eosinophil chemotaxis, including CCL11 [12, 13].
Chemotaxis metaheuristics are based on bacteria movement.
The algorithm includes a chemotaxis operator, a reproduction operator, and an elimination-dispersal operator.
Moreover, in our study of the in vitro chemotaxis assay, fMLP was used as a chemotactic agent which promoted neutrophil migration and citral reduced the leukocyte migration, suggesting an anti-inflammatory activity of this monoterpene.