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CHConfoederatio Helvetica (Swiss Confederation; Switzerland)
CHChurch History
CHComing Home
CHCommunity Health (various organizations)
CHSwitzerland (country code, top level domain)
CHCredit Hours
CHCity Hall
CHClub House (UK maps)
CHChildren's Hospital
CHCentral Heating
CHCultural Heritage
CHChester (postcode, United Kingdom)
CHChemin (French: Path; Canada Post street designation)
CHCollege Humor (online website)
CHCarolina Herrera
CHChennai (Tamilnadu-India capital)
CHChinchilla (rabbit breed)
CHCampbell Hausfeld (Cincinnati, OH)
CHChronic Hepatitis
CHCentre Hospitalier (French: general hospital)
CHCome Home
CHCargo Helicopter
CHColumbia House (record club)
CHCritical Habitat
CHCluster Headache
CHCiudad de La Habana (postcode for Havana, Cuba)
CHCarolina Hurricanes (NHL)
CHOrder of the Companions of Honour (est. 1917; UK)
CHControl Head
CHCity Hunter (anime)
CHPeoples Republic of China (including Tibet)
CHCerebral Hemisphere
CHCustoms House
CHCarry Handle (firearms)
CHConfoederatio Helvetica (Switzerland, international auto identification)
CHContinuum Hypothesis
CHCrown Hill (cemetery)
CHCargo Hold
CHCenter Hall (real estate)
CHCovenant House
CHCommon Hardware
CHCharity Hospital
CHCompanion of Honour
CHCambridge Heart, Inc. (Bedford, MA)
CHCall Hold
CHChieti, Abruzzo (Italian province)
CHConquering Hero
CHChediak-Higashi Syndrome
CHCloud Height
CHChrist's Hospital (Bluecoat School, UK)
CHCompass Heading
CHControlled Humidity
CHContingency Hospital (US DoD)
CHCorrespondent Host
CHCharging Handle (firearms)
CHCritical Hours
CHContact Handled
CHClone High (cartoon)
CHComponent Handling
CHCommunications House (light rail, Dallas, Texas)
CHCrown-Heel (length of fetus)
CHCascade Head
CHCrazy Hand
CHCardboard Heroes (gaming)
CHCode Holder
CHChartered Herbalist
CHCalico Hills
CHCapital Height
CHCasualty Handling (St John Smbulance, UK)
CHCreature Handler (Star Wars Galaxies)
CHClarion Health
CHComplete Heal (Everquest gaming)
CHCongenital Hyperthyroidism
CHCounting Heartbeats (band)
CHCompare Halfword (IBM)
CHCochrane Hill
CHCallitrichid Hepatitis
CHClack House (Clay Aiken fan message board)
CHCossacks Heaven (gaming site)
CHClay High Plasticity (soil type)
CHConstitution Heterogeneity
CHCarrier/Hum Modulation
CHCoeficiente Honorário (Spanish: conorary coefficient, Brazil)
CHCharriere Unit (French catheter scale)
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Chinchilla pellets can be a convenient food source.
The chinchilla eye: morphologic observations, echobiometric findings and reference values for selected ophthalmic diagnostic tests.
Chinchillas are most active at night, and like to sleep in the daytime in small spaces like the cracks and crevices of the mountains which would be their homes in the wild.
All in all, the author has analyzed the history of the Chinchilla communes succinctly, distilling the reasons for failure: lack of government support and poor administration; arguments among communards; lack of medical assistance; lack of skill generally among the communards; poor soils, similar to what Soldier Settlers faced later; need for constant work compared to eight-hour days written into the communes' rules; supply of equipment by the colonial government after application, similar to the experience of Soldier Settlers later; and high costs of land clearing.
Fusilier Ieuan Pope, left, and Lance Corporal Sean Vickery from The 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh and, below, 3rd |Battalion The Royal Welsh soldiers taking part in a platoon attack on the Chinchilla Training Area in Albacete, south eastern Spain Fusilier Ieuan Pope, left, and Lance Corporal Sean Vickery from The 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh and, below, 3rd |Battalion The Royal Welsh soldiers taking part in a platoon attack on the Chinchilla Training Area in Albacete, south eastern Spain PICTURES: CORPORAL BARRY LLOYD RLC
After realizing they had approved a bill that "confers social rights and benefits of a civil union, free from discrimination," the lawmakers asked Chinchilla to veto the new law.
After the bilateral US-Costa Rica summit, Chinchilla and Obama held a press conference, to report on the talks.
Chinchillas are clean, quiet, odourless and attractive rodents that make lovely pets for adults and older children, and can live for 10-20 years.
Chinchilla chinchilla (Lichtenstein, 1829), la chinchilla comunmente llamada de cola corta o altiplanica, es un roedor de la familia Chinchillidae cuya distribucion historica incluye al altiplano de Chile, Argentina, Peru y Bolivia (Walle, 1914; House, 1953; Grau, 1986; Chacon, 1892; Jimenez, 1996; Anderson, 1997; Eisenberg y Redford, 2000; Parera, 2002; Woods y Kilpatrick, 2005).
Chinchilla, founder and director of the International Center for Work and Family, teaches at the University of Navarra, Spain.
He knew the breed would be a hit, but the standard Chinchilla was just too small.
The size of a chinchilla rat's pellets reveals the amount of rain that fell while the animal was alive.