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The City of Chino Hills is pleased to have partnered with CalAtlantic Homes to bring the residents a state-of-the art park for dog lovers," said Mayor Art Bennett.
The campaign to launch the new CHINO coffee range, builds on the strong connection already felt between the CHINO brand and its' customers and stays true to the concept of enjoying and indulging in 'CHINO moments'.
first wave" of transpacific Asian migration, [composed of] travelers from Cathay, Cipango (Japan), the Philippines, various kingdoms in Southeast Asia, and India [who] were known collectively in New Spain as chinos (Chinese) or indios chinos (Chinese Indians), as the word chino/china became synonymous with Asia.
Pictured, Peter Watson, 25, of Middlesbrough, sitting, models: turn-up chinos, pounds 24.
The Chino farm could be a bigger operation, but growing a larger volume of fewer crops doesn't interest him.
Other national tenants such as Proctor & Gamble and Pepsi Cola have recently signed on as tenants at the well-located Centerpointe Chino Business Park, which offers convenient access to both the (60) and (71) freeways.
Asia is expected to continue to be the fastest-growing region in the world,'' Chino said, adding it is seen posting gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 6.
By 1994, when he joined with a partner to establish a family practice in Chino, he'd begun a long list of activities including:
Li asesoro al gobierno chino sobre los candidatos al puesto de gobernador de Hong Kong y ayudo a redactar la constitucion de la ciudad.
The film tells the story of Chino (Chuck Shamata), his girlfriend, Ellie (Bonnie Bedelia), her father Will (Henry Beckman), a professional thief, and Chino's American friend and former surfing buddy Toby (Michael Parks), who together--sort of --execute a clumsy heist that goes horribly wrong.
Hachijuni Bank, a regional bank based in Nagano Prefecture, said Monday that its vice president Kazuyuki Narusawa will become president, effective June 28, replacing Minoru Chino, who will become chairman.