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CHIRPCommercially Hosted Infrared Payload (US Air Force)
CHIRPConfidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme
CHIRPConfidential Human-Factors Incident Reporting Program (UK)
CHIRPCompressed High Intensity Radar Pulse
CHIRPChild Health Insurance Reform Program
CHIRPCommunity Health Improvement and Regeneration Project (UK)
CHIRPCooperative Hospital Infant Restraint Program (Toronto General Hospital; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CHIRPClinical Health Information Retrieval Project (University of North Carolina School of Medicine; Raleigh, NC)
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Chirp Microsystems is engaged in high-performance ultrasonic sensors featuring smaller sizes and lower power consumption compared with existing sensors.
Chirp has developed fully interoperable software development kits (SDKs) of their technology on a wide range of platforms (such as iOS, Android, JavaScript, Python and Linux, as well as numerous chipsets such as the full range of ARM Cortex MCUs) with which ITC Infotech will be building further solutions.
Unsurprisingly, the fight between the two compromised their chances of victory, with War chirp and turner finishing fifth, while oliver G and Manrrique-Guerrero were sixth.
It was certainly very unexpected to see something that didn't chirp," said MIT physicist Jolyon Bloomfield, who was not involved with the research.
At 12,500 feet in a non-pressurized Cessna Centurion, it flashed every second and sounded three chirps, activating a 30-minute timer and subsequent sustained alert because I didn't descend.
But can Chirp - a good girl - go through with this act of rebellion?
So for simplicity, Crickets are assumed to be in two states: they might chirp for mating or for aggression.
That shortens the length of time the detector broadcasts a low-battery chirp signal.
As a typical kind of nonstationary signal, chirp signal is widely used in the fields of radar, sonar, and communications.
The chirp rate and its change rate are two important physical quantities of the cubic phase signal (CPS), and their estimations have a wide range of applications in radar, sonar, communication and acoustic [1-10].