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But the specific molecular pathways regulate cell cycle of normal zygotes and zygotes with oxidative-stressed damage are unclear, and whether DNA damage in zygotes activates cascade of ATM [right arrow] Chkl [right arrow] Cdc25B/Cdc25C during G2/M to repair the damage depends on our further study.
Here we found that the phosphorylation of ATM, ATR, Chkl, and Chk2 was increased suggesting that PSO activated both ATM-Chk2 and ATR-Chkl pathways.
The key regulators in response to DNA damage are ATM and ATR kinases, which activated Chkl and Chk2 [40].
In chromosome 9, one of these "hot spots" contained two genes that are known to be involved in cancer: the tumor suppressor gene ATM and the gene for Chkl, which functions in the repair of damaged DNA (Hunter et al.