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CFCCombined Federal Campaign
CFCControlled Foreign Corporation
CFCCertificat Fédéral de Capacité (French: Federal Certificate of Ability; Switzerland)
CFCConsumer Federation of California
CFCCash for Clunkers (Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009)
CFCCondition Féminine Canada (Status of Women Canada)
CFCControlled Foreign Company (less common)
CFCConditions for Coverage (Medicare; US DHHS)
CFCCommon Fund for Commodities (European Union)
CFCCarlton Football Club (Australia)
CFCChicken Farmers of Canada
CFCConselho Federal de Contabilidade (Brazil)
CFCComisión Federal de Competencia (Spanish)
CFCChelsea Football Club
CFCCivilization Fanatics Center
CFCCombined Forces Command (US/ROK)
CFCChess Federation of Canada
CFCCompact Flash Card
CFCChristian Faith Center (Seattle)
CFCCentre de Formation Continue (French: Center for Continuing Education; various locations)
CFCCardio-Facio-Cutaneous Syndrome
CFCCardiofaciocutaneous (syndrome)
CFCContinuous Function Chart
CFCCatholics for a Free Choice
CFCCeltic Football Club (Glasgow, Scotland)
CFCConseiller en Formation Continue (French: Continuing Education Advisor)
CFCCertified Financial Consultant (Institute of Financial Consultants)
CFCConseil Francophone de la Chanson (French: Francophone Song Council; Canada)
CFCCongregation of Christian Brothers (religious order)
CFCCertified Forensic Consultant (American College of Forensic Exmaimers International)
CFCChristian Financial Concepts
CFCCollingwood Football Club (AU)
CFCChemins de Fer de la Corse (Railway Company of Corsica, France)
CFCCoopération Financière de Crédit (French mortgage lending company)
CFCChildren's Festival Chorus
CFCCode des Frais de Construction (French: Code of Building Costs; Switzerland)
CFCContinuous-Flow Centrifugation (hematology)
CFCCertified in Flexible Compensation (Employers Council on Flexible Compensation)
CFCComité Français de Cartographie (French: French Committee of Cartography)
CFCCold Fusion Component
CFCCommunicators for Christ
CFCCertified Financial Counselor
CFCChild Find Canada
CFCCaribbean Food Corporation
CFCChesterfield Football Club
CFCChannel Frequency Class (digital filter)
CFCConstruction Forecasting Council (Australia)
CFCCenter for Fuel Cells (NSF)
CFCCompressed Fibre Cement
CFCCertified Fraud Consultant
CFCChristmas for Christ
CFCCurrent-to-Frequency Converter
CFCCorrosion-Fatigue Cracking
CFCConsorci Forestal de Catalunya (Catalan: Forestry Consortium of Catalonia; Catalonia, Spain)
CFCCivil-Military Fusion Centre (NATO)
CFCChurch Finance Council
CFCCommission Francophone Cistercienne (French religious group)
CFCCompagnie Française des Crayons (French: French Pencil Company)
CFCComputers for Charity (UK)
CFCControl Force Command
CFCCentral Financial Control
CFCCharter Financial Corporation
CFCCercle Franco Coréen (French: French Korean Circle; Seoul, South Korea)
CFCCarp Food Concept (France)
CFCCoritiba Football Club (Brazil)
CFCConsolidated Freight Classification
CFCCentral Flyway Council (management of migratory birds)
CFCCentre for Coaching
CFCConsolidated Facility Charge
CFCControlled Force Circulation (boiler)
CFCCoalition Force Command
CFCCentre Français d'Exploitation du Droit des Copies (French: French Centre for the Investigation of Copyright Exploitation)
CFCComponent Finance Center
CFCCall Failed Class
CFCCall Failure Code
CFCConservative Financial Counselors, LLC
CFCConstant-Flow Cooling
CFCConnection Fee Charge
CFCCorrelated Fading Channel(s)
CFCCatalonia Free Country
CFCComptoir Français Commercial (French liquor company)
CFCCoordinated Freight Classification
CFCConceptual Foundations of Computing (course)
CFCCentre de Formation de la Comédie (French: Comedy Training Center)
CFCCoin & Fee Checking
CFCCustomer First College (UK)
CFCCreated for Caring
CFCCommunity Facility Centre (India)
CFCClub Fiat Croma (French automobile club)
CFCCustomer Fund Code (US Army)
CFCCertified Fingerprint Collection/Collector
CFCCertified Franchise Consultant (professional designation)
CFCChrysler France Club (French automobile club)
CFCCalifornia Film Commission (Hollywood, CA)
CFCCustomer Fulfillment Center
CFCCapital Facilities Charge (public utilities)
CFCCommercial Finance Company
CFCCountrywide Financial Corporation
CFCCoalition for Change (various organizations)
CFCCouncil on Financial Competition
CFCCall for Comments
CFCCure for Cancer (fundraising)
CFCCommon Facility Centre (various organizations)
CFCChild Foster Care (various organizations)
CFCCowdenbeath Football Club (Scotland)
CFCCarolina Farm Credit (North Carolina)
CFCChampion Fight Club (Canada)
CFCCall for Candidates (various organizations)
CFCChildren, Families and Communities (various locations)
CFCChances for Children (various locations)
CFCCommunity Fisheries Centre
CFCCalifornia Fisheries Coalition
CFCCarbon Reinforced Carbon
CFCCenter for Communications (various locations)
CFCCenter for Computational Physics (Portugal)
CFCCuller Facer Canceller
CFCCourt of Federal Claims (United States)
CFCCalling for Christ (baseball umpires retreat)
CFCCooperative Finance Corporation (National Rural Utilities)
CFCComputers for Children
CFCCouples for Christ
CFCCenter for Change (various locations)
CFCCanadian Film Centre
CFCCanadian Firearms Centre
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Al Balushi also pointed out that international organisations concerned with the environment have fixed 2020 as the latest year for replacing Chlorofluorocarbon Gas with Hydrocarbon Gas Technology.
The work suggests that about half of the ozone hole's recent shrinkage resulted from a drop in chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere; the remainder stemmed from weather changes.
The Commission, furthermore, specifies that the sale of metered dose inhalers containing chlorofluorocarbons listed in Annex I of the decision is banned when the competent authority of one of these markets believes that the use of this type of inhaler destined for these markets is not essential.
These contain gases such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and HCFCs, used for the coolant and insulation.
When it became known that chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons in refrigerants were contributing to depletion of the earth's protective ozone layer, NIST began a program (funded by the Department of Energy's Office of Basic Energy Sciences and Office of Building Technologies) to measure the properties of their replacements.
The heater uses carbon dioxide as a refrigerant instead of chlorofluorocarbons, which are commonly used in such devises.
Later, other scientists showed that pollutants called chlorofluorocarbons also damage the ozone layer.
On the other hand, some chlorofluorocarbons inevitably drifted upward into the atmosphere and there they encountered the ozone layer.
In a nutshell, I learned that leading atmospheric theorists agree that, because of man-made chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the average amount of ozone in the stratosphere between the far northern and far southern latitudes had been declining at a steady rate of roughly three percent per decade since 1978.
Nilodor is one of the first companies to offer the sanitary supply industry an afrosol odor counteractant low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), materials that affect the creation of smog, and fee of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), 1,1,1 Trichloroethane and Chlorination, which are linked to the depletion of the ozone layer.
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