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Due to the increase in salinity, plants subjected to 37 and 70% of field capacity and different sources of salts showed trend of reduction in chlorophyll a fluorescence for all evaluated parameters (Figures 1 and 2), except [F.
1 g) with 10 mL 80% acetone, and chlorophyll contents were quantified according to Arnon (1949).
Determination of chlorophyll concentration was conducted using standard procedure by the International Rice Research Institute IRRI (Cock and Gomez, 1976), with modifications by Nurdin et al.
Although almost all visible light can be used for photosynthesis and about 80% of the visible light arriving at a leaf is absorbed, chlorophyll absorbs only a portion of this light; therefore, there are peaks located in the red (600 to 700 nm) and blue (400 to 500 nm) ranges of the spectrum (Sims and Gamon, 2002).
Because the enzyme that synthesizes chlorophyll f requires light but may not require oxygen for its activity, it is possible that it evolved before Photosystem II, the photosynthetic complex that produces oxygen and to which the enzyme is related.
To assess the impact of HRT changes on the spatial distribution of phytoplankton blooms the following assumptions were accepted: 1) Given the very high baseline concentrations of chlorophyll -a at Ibitinga reservoir, a threshold of chlorophyll-[alpha] concentration above 69.
Leaves were randomly sampled after two weeks of cultivation samples were exposed to both spectrophotometric method through extraction in organic solvent and using portable chlorophyll meter.
Under optimum conditions of 20[degrees]C (control) the amount of chlorophyll differs from one family to another (Fig 7).
Except for ethylene treated pots, which had complete loss of the leaves, a persistent decline of chlorophyll took place during post-production period (Figure 2).
Their veins become yellow, leaf also turn yellow and shed as a consequent impact of reduced quantity of Chlorophyll in plants.
However, such information is not available for tropical grasses and the calculation of cNSI for forage grasses will be performed by chlorophyll meter so that nitrogen use in the fertilization of pastures could become more efficient.
In this visualisation, the data used was derived from NASA's MODIS (MODerate resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer), which shows long-term chlorophyll concentration estimates in mg per cubic metres.