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The central magnesium atom of chlorophyll a, such as a Lewis acid, interacts with proteins through coordination bonds with the side chain of an amino acid as a Lewis base.
Using the same leaves as for chlorophyll content, the chlorophyll a fluorescence curves were determined with Pocket-PEA (Hansatech, Norfolk, UK).
For 'BRS FHIA-18', there were positive correlations, with high magnitude and significance (p < 0.05) between leaf N contents and the indices of chlorophyll a (0.98) and total (0.97), between leaf S contents and chlorophyll a (0.90) and between leaf Zn contents and chlorophyll a (0.91) (Table 5).
Chlorophyll b concentration was observed to be higher that chlorophyll a concentration in all treatment parameters except for non cryopreserved PLBs which exposed to 30 min DMSO treatment at 24[degrees]C and 20 min DMSO treatment at 0[degrees]C.
Through resonance energy transfer; the excitation is passed on until it reaches the reaction center and one of the chlorophyll a molecules there is excited.
These results are critical for evaluating the efficacy of chlorophyll as an agent for decreasing intake of toxic PCDD and PCDF congeners.
The 700 nanometer light that does not get reflected is assumed to have been absorbed by chlorophyll a. The comparison of the ambient and reflected light at each wavelength results in a chlorophyll index value ranging from 0 to 999.
1981, Prediction of total phosphorus concentrations, chlorophyll a, and Secchi depths in natural and artificial lakes.
The photosynthetic pigment including chlorophyll a (Ch a), chlorophyll b (Ch b) and carotenoid (Cr) in the bract were determined according to the method by Wellburn (1994).
Both devices provide instantaneous readings proportional to the leaf contents of chlorophylls and carotenoids (Minolta, 1989; Falker, 2008), while the Falker device provides the results of chlorophyll a and b.