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2002), using Betula papyrifera, reported that the SPAD-502 estimate of chlorophyll b was less reliable than the estimates of chlorophyll a and the total chlorophyll content.
The oxygen evolving complex, sitting on the lumen side, donates one electron to the chlorophyll a molecule that had donated its excited electron to pheophytin.
Special thanks to Samantha Joye and Brian Roberts for their help with chlorophyll a analysis.
Table 2: Pigment concentration of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, carotenoids and anthocyanins measured at four developmental stages in inflorescence bract of 'Red' and 'Yellow' cultivars of C.
The chlorophyll concentration was calculated using specific absorption coefficients for total chlorophyll, chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b provided by the following:Total chlorophyll = 20.
The relationship between the chlorophyll readings from both portable meters and the contents of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b was more readily expressed with a quadratic model.
To see whether the slug could actually make new chlorophyll a, Pierce and his colleagues turned to slugs that hadn't fed for at least five months and had stopped releasing digestive waste.
1985); in determining the activity of chlorophyllase, the substrate of chlorophyll a was purchased from Sigma Chemical Company, the enzyme solution (chlorophyllase-containing solution) was prepared according to the methods described by Mosequera-Minguez et al.
Traits evaluated include: chlorophyll a (g/g leaf), chlorophyll b(g/g leaf), chlorophyll ab(g/g leaf) total chlorophyll (spad), yield per hectare (kg/ha) and stomatal Conductance (mmol H2o.
In Brassica napus cultivars, water stress reduced chlorophyll a + b content by 38% compared with the adequately watered plants (Paclik et al.