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We used the following keywords to search the MEDLINE database: (a) "magnesium," (b) "chondrocalcinosis," (c) "CPPD," and (d) "pseudogout." Searching for (b), (c), or (d) produced 1,936 articles, and combining these titles with the keyword "magnesium" resulted in 60 articles.
Localisation of a gene for chondrocalcinosis to chromosome 5p.
(5) These presentations include asymptomatic or lanthanic Chondrocalcinosis, acute pseudogout, pseudo osteoarthritis (with or without acute attacks), pseudo rheumatoid arthritis, pseudo-polymyalgia rheumatica and pseudo-neuropathic arthropathy.
Radiological findings of chondrocalcinosis do not motivate any particular management.
Zoppini, "Chondrocalcinosis: sonographic study of the knee," Clinical Rheumatology, vol.
In chondrocalcinosis, the deposits are radiopaque seen as cartilage calcifications.
Coincidence of ankylosing spondylitis, gouty arthritis and chondrocalcinosis articularis.
However, there is an increased prevalence of chondrocalcinosis with advancing age and occasional cases of acute pancreatitis have been reported (20,23).
Radiographically, the diagnosis of pseudogout often can be confirmed by evidence of chondrocalcinosis in the affected joint space.
Chondrocalcinosis is the term used to describe the calcium-containing deposits that are found in cartilage and which are usually visible on joint x-rays.
In a case series of the synovial joint complications of SED, Sambrook et al noted cases of chronic synovitis and radiologically evident chondrocalcinosis in multiple joints.