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CHORDCentre for the History of Retailing and Distribution (est. 1998; University of Wolverhampton; UK)
CHORDCentocor Health Outcomes in Rheumatic Diseases (research fellowship program)
CHORDCitizens and Home Owners for Reasonable Development
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Those chords give the fifth and the octave," said Mr.
Alexander, still standing at the end of the river span, saw the lower chord of the cantilever arm give a little, like an elbow bending.
You say that you believe the lower chords are showing strain, and that even the workmen have been talking about it, and yet you've gone on adding weight.
Guppy explaining that he would terminate his little entertainment by standing treat at the play but that there are chords in the human mind which would render it a hollow mockery.
He gave his blessing, and then, while the solemn chords again issued from the harmonium behind the curtain, the different people began scraping and fumbling and moving very awkwardly and consciously towards the door.
The Ordsall Chord is part of the Great North Rail Project that links Manchesters Victoria, Oxford Road and Piccadilly stations.
Creative Chords by Bradley Sowash is a keyboard improvisation method for late-elementary/intermediate levels.
Over the next few lessons enormous progress is made as we add flatted (minor) sevenths to the two other chords in the progression; an A[flat] note in the B[flat] tonic chord, a D[flat] note in the E[flat] subdominant chord.
Shoosmiths has acted for the developer, Chord, throughout the life-cycle of the project - advising initially on the site acquisition then development, funding, management and lettings.
Draglines have long booms comprising a number of tubular chords with interconnecting lacings welded to the chords at cluster joints.
2 Have students place these chords under given lyrics (best to try and find lyrics of songs they might not know).