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Computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can identify clival chordoma based on its midline location and destruction of the clivus.
The scientists from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, University College London Cancer Institute and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust showed that a group of chordoma patients have mutations in genes that are the target of existing drugs, known as the PI3K inhibitors.
Brachyury, a member of the T-box protein family bounded to specific DNA sequences, is a transcription factor which initiates and regulates the rate of transcription of genetic information, and it is highly expressed in nearly every chordoma tumor.
Primary chordoma in the nasal cavity and nasopharynx: CT and MR imaging findings.
The biopsy revealed trabecular bone and marrow fat replaced by malignant tumour, in-keeping with chordoma, not the presumed diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma.
Nonosseous tumors develop from hematopoietic, vascular and neural tissues; they include chordoma, Ewing sarcoma and fibrosarcoma.
Predominantly found in people 50-69 year old, a chordoma arises found remnants of the primitive notochord.
dagger]) Adrenal, bladder, chordoma, connective tissue, eccrine, schwannoma.
3, 2012, the sinus trouble Pagan attributed to allergies was diagnosed as an extremely rare tumor, clival chordoma, at the base of his skull.
Besides melanocytic lesions, positive staining with S100 with negative CK expression also suggests the possibilities of neurogenic tumors, chordoma, dendritic cell tumors, granular cell tumors, Langerhans cell tumors/histiocytosis, myoepithelial tumors, and some primary as well as metastatic carcino 12 mas.