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CHRCafé Hôtel Restaurant (French: Cafe Hotel Restaurant)
CHRChars (FAO fish species code)
CHRCommission on Human Rights (United Nations)
CHRCentre Hospitalier Régional (French: Regional Hospital Center; France and Belgium)
CHRContemporary Hit Radio
CHRCalgary Health Region
CHRCenter for Hospitality Research (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
CHRCentre for Human Rights (South Africa)
CHRCommunity Health Record (various locations)
CHRCharacter File
CHRConstraint Handling Rules (programming languages)
CHRCourt of Human Rights
CHRCommittee on Human Research
CHRCommunity Health Representative(s)
CHRChristian Hit Radio
CHRCenter for Human Reproduction
CHRChinook Health Region
CHRChild Health Research
CHRCache Hit Ratio
CHRCall History Record
CHRCommunity Housing Resource, Inc. (Provincetown, MA)
CHRCenter for Hydrogen Research (Washington Savannah River Company LLC)
CHRCommunication History Report
CHRCapitalsource Healthcare Reit
CHRChateauroux France (airport code)
CHRComplete Healthcare Resources (Dresher, PA)
CHRChromate Resistance
CHRCerebrohepatorenal Syndrome
CHRCommission Internationale de l'Hydrologie du Bassin du Rhin (International Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine Basin)
CHRComité d'Histoire Régionale (French: Regional History Committee)
CHRChestnut Ridge Railway Company
CHRCooper-Harper Rating
CHRCenter for Human Radiobiology
CHRNational Center for Human Reproduction
CHRConfinement Heat Removal
CHRCursive Handwritten Recognition (Recogniform Technologies SpA)
CHRCumulative Hazard Rate
CHRCorrelated High-Rank
CHRConsumer Healthcare Retail
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2016) suggested that as the maize B chromosome increases in copy numbers, it has a stronger influence on A-genome transcription.
Because the Y-less males needed help to reproduce, "clearly we need the Y chromosome for full natural male reproduction," says reproductive biologist Mary Ann Handel of Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.
The UC Berkeley researchers demonstrated that if fewer males were the only cause of the low variability, it would mean that fewer than 1 in 4 males throughout history had passed on their Y chromosome each generation.
Beyond advancing our fundamental understanding of chromosome biology, these studies also open up new avenues for studying certain diseases, such as genetic disorders that are due to mutations in the DNA sequence which disrupt the proper activity of certain genes.
Conventional and molecular karyotyping led to genetic counseling for the parents and high resolution identification of the extent of the genomic loss on the ring chromosome 9.
Ten well-spread metaphase plates on which the chromosome arm lengths could be determined were selected from among the 65 plates, and the short and long arm lengths of the chromosomes were then measured on the photographs.
Furthermore, the hierarchical analyses of molecular differentiation at the mitochondrial DNA level, an essentially neutral marker, revealed a discrepancy with respect to chromosome differentiation and suggested that the pattern of B chromosomes might not be explained by historical factors (Clemente et al.
Only one accession (ETBAZ 055--from Capao do Leao, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil) showed B chromosome.
Chromosomes in sedges and other organisms that undergo post-reductional meiosis are holocentric, meaning that centromeric activity is distributed along the entire chromosome (Hakansson, 1954).
The autosomes and the sex pseudobivalent dispose at the equatorial plane forming a ring, and the m chromosome lies in its centre.
He suspects that a good many species have already disappeared because of Y chromosome decay.
The nucleus (area containing DNA--chemical that carries genetic information) has 42 chromosomes (structures that contain DNA), half from each parent.
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