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CHRCafé Hôtel Restaurant (French: Cafe Hotel Restaurant)
CHRChars (FAO fish species code)
CHRCommission on Human Rights (United Nations)
CHRCentre Hospitalier Régional (French: Regional Hospital Center; France and Belgium)
CHRContemporary Hit Radio
CHRCalgary Health Region
CHRCentre for Human Rights (South Africa)
CHRConstraint Handling Rules (programming languages)
CHRCourt of Human Rights
CHRCommittee on Human Research
CHRCommunity Health Representative(s)
CHRChristian Hit Radio
CHRCenter for Human Reproduction
CHRChinook Health Region
CHRChild Health Research
CHRCache Hit Ratio
CHRCenter for Hydrogen Research (Washington Savannah River Company LLC)
CHRChateauroux France (airport code)
CHRComplete Healthcare Resources (Dresher, PA)
CHRChromate Resistance
CHRCerebrohepatorenal Syndrome
CHRCommission Internationale de l'Hydrologie du Bassin du Rhin (International Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine Basin)
CHRComité d'Histoire Régionale (French: Regional History Committee)
CHRChestnut Ridge Railway Company
CHRCooper-Harper Rating
CHRCenter for Human Radiobiology
CHRNational Center for Human Reproduction
CHRConfinement Heat Removal
CHRCursive Handwritten Recognition (Recogniform Technologies SpA)
CHRCorrelated High-Rank
CHRCumulative Hazard Rate
CHRConsumer Healthcare Retail
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The study found that cardiovascular disease markers, diabetes, chronic kidney disease markers, pulmonary disease, and gouty arthritis marker were individually associated with risk of developing cancer or cancer death.
Since the publication of the second edition (in 1998), there has been an increased understanding of the importance of social and economic factors as root causes of chronic diseases, as well as the critical importance of broad-based community-wide interventions to prevent and control chronic diseases," said Patrick Remington, MD, MPH, the book's lead editor.
Studies by the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease show total costs related to chronic disease have soared to approximately $3.
COMMENT: The incidence rates for chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome in this adolescent sample were notable, but the prognosis for recovery was good.
Many people use the word chronic believing that it is a measure of how severe the problem is - as in "the pain is absolutely chronic, doctor".
In a study of 65 general medical patients presenting with unexplained chronic fatigue, the association of fatigue with heavy-headedness (odds ratio [OR], 21.
Vania Apkarian and his colleagues at Northwestern University Medical Center in Chicago asked people with chronic backaches to undergo magnetic resonance imaging of their brains.
CASE PRESENTATION: A 53-year-old man from Mexico was referred to the pulmonary clinic for evaluation of chronic productive cough and pulmonary nodules.
Fewer than 1% had chronic (type 1 or type 2) diabetes, but 4% developed gestational diabetes.
The report also presented socioeconomic and demographic profiles of those with chronic conditions, and figures problems and potential barriers to accessing health care.
Based on its strong demonstration of synergy in non-clinical studies to date, celgosivir shows great promise as part of a combination therapy approach to improving the success of treatment for patients suffering from chronic hepatitis C infections.
Overall, studies find, about 72 percent of chronic pain sufferers are women, with many chronic pain conditions, like migraine and fibromyalgia, much more common in women than men.