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Displays of raw data were built to provide a sense of accuracy and precision of the TA method and whether estimated intervals encompassed chronological ages. Statistical tests were calculated using SPSS, version 23 (IBM Corp.
Furthermore, it was suggested the study presents preliminary findings that excess BA to chronological age reflects underlying brain pathology.
* Experimental Group (EG): to have a diagnosis of DS (Trisomy 21); have been born at term; have not been born with very low weight; have results indicative of normality in the neonatal auditory, visual and metabolism screenings (mainly for congenital hypothyroidism); do not have characteristics of the Autism Spectrum Disorder; have visual skills to perform the activities proposed; have attended rehabilitation procedures since the first trimester of life; be attending regular school (public) and be in the age group between 36 the 62 months of chronological age.
The difference between dental (DA) and chronological age (CA) or DA-CA was compared with paired samples t-test in both sexes.
Most migration law and policy--both domestic and international--use chronological age as the predominant definition of generational categories.
"As a result, women are no longer being defined by their chronological age, but instead by how they act, think and feel."
Girls who begin puberty early tend to associate with older-aged peers who, simply by nature of their higher chronological age, may be more likely to be participating in high-risk activities, such as drinking alcohol.
They refuse to wear "old people's" clothes (Slongo et al, 2009; Birtwistle & Tsim, 2005), patterns that would only be "compatible" with their chronological age (Wray & Hodges, 2008).
Moreover, its use might provide false assurance, especially among younger persons whose chronological age might conceal the effects that risk factors (e.g., smoking and uncontrolled hypertension) have on their long-term CVD risk (9).
This study aimed to observe the development of auditory and speech in deaf infants and toddlers who were fitted with hearing aids and/or received cochlear implantation between the chronological ages of 7–24 months, and analyze the effect of chronological age and recovery time on auditory and speech development in the course of home-based early intervention.
Their biological age is less than their chronological age, sometimes by as much as 25 years.