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Anglers are being asked to complete a questionnaire about their catches, rods, bait and angling location and to send in scales from any barbel or chub they catch, which will be tested by the Environment Agency to determine the health of the fish.
Catawba Creek is an ideal system for this study because it is a mid-size Appalachian stream representative of the range of the Bluehead Chub. Additionally, nearly all of the co-occurring cyprinids in this system have been classified as nest associates of N.
The chub is abundant in small rivers and large streams of barbel zone with riffles and pools.
Chub is widely distributed all over Europe, the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, and Azov Sea basins (Geldiay and Balik, 1988; Kottelat and Freyhof, 2007).
What has harmed the chub has diminished the number of frogs as well--the loss of habitat.
Records of Shoal Chub from the lower Illinois River include collections post-1950 at or near the mouths of the Mackinaw, Spoon, and Sangamon Rivers with 4 additional collection locations on the Alton Reach of the Illinois River (Smith, 1979).
Biologists believe tui chub were used illegally as live bait or were intentionally reintroduced into the lake.
This study describes the current distribution and abundance of Alvord Chub, Siphateles alvordensis, in the Alvord Basin in Harney County, Oregon and Humboldt County, Nevada.
Dennis Ramsey was third with four chub weighing 13lb 8oz and that helped him and Gary Price to second place.
From peg 52 on the water above Croft bridge, Darlington's Jim Johnson fished stick float and caster to tempt five chub for a winning 18lb 6oz.
Elsewhere on the rivers, chub have been providing sport, and at Dinsdale opposite Middleton One Row on the Tees, oxheart has been working well and producing fish to 3lb 8oz.
The Nick Gretton Memorial at Linley was a case in point, attracting 40 anglers, and it produced the best match weight of the season on the big river in the shape of a superb 88-12-0 bag of barbel and chub to Tony Peploe, who fished 6mm banded pellet on the feeder from peg 47.