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CHUGCentricity Healthcare User Group
CHUGCapitol Hill User Group (management software)
CHUGCommodore Hornsby User Group
CHUGCentre Hospitalier Universitaire du Graben (French: Graben University Hospital Center; Congo)
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You need to throw a Ping Pong ball into a beer glass at the other end of the table and then go chug it
The emergence of the pharmaceuticals industry is the major addition to the Indian export in air cargo market, says Concorde's Chug.
We discussed these considerations at our next aircrew meeting and put together a decision-matrix to aid crews in responding to engine chugs.
I hope it's not just coincidence that Chug does well, but rather the result of a well-executed marketing plan.
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother sparked international debate over Chugs "politically incorrect" parenting style, with most readers expressing shock and horror over the methods she used, as well as concern over a perceived lack of love and acceptance.
Darlington's writing chugs breezily along like his narrow boat through Carolina, Georgia and Florida, defying alligators, biting fish, red bugs that burrow in to your skin, fierce mosquitoes and the blazing hot, freezing cold and contrary country.
A love story set in London chugs along from before WW II to the time when jazz supplanted the big band sound.
Similar to Dean Foods' "Milk Chugs," Nestle's new milk chocolate is packaged in a 16-ounce plastic, resealable bottle and will eventually replace its pint-size milk carton.
Finally, a train played by and chugs up to the stage.
Year in and year out, Indiana chugs along generating significant capital and maintenance spending numbers, neither the highest nor the lowest in the region.
The headache-inducing ``Deja Vu'' opens with a Bruckheimer bang -- 543 people blown to bits by a terrorist bomb on board a New Orleans river ferry -- and chugs along nicely until Denzel Washington hears the nine words that should strike fear into the heart of every moviegoer:
On a Train Heading South, about global warming, chugs into town with a Jack Perla score and Alexander V.