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CHUMPChief Military Umpire
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The senior Agabon said that like the other dead policemen, Chump had been robbed of his personal belongings and firearms.
Understandably, I was a tad peeved with Pc Chump and his baffling attitude.
unconscious chump dissolves into the sheets like sugar.
Fagans ham with a baby cress salad - pounds 6.60 Salmon with asparagus and hollandaise, new potatoes - pounds 15.50 Slate of Welsh lamb - roast chump, lamb croquette with onion cream and ragout of summer vegetables - pounds 16.95 Chocolate tart and vanilla ice cream x 2 -pounds 5.50 Bottle of wine - around pounds 12 Total: pounds 69.05
MacMillan, writing on his blog, says, "If we don't raise $1,000 by April 26th we will not send a team." Which is chump change compared to some art institutions' needs, but a big barrier for poets.
The author's main point in "Dump that Chump!: From Doormat to Diva in Only Nine Steps--a Guide to Getting Over Mr.
Another phrase Podhoretz uses regularly is "chump change"--a sort of hustler slang to describe the salaries of jobs not worth taking.
This range provides the four-rib lamb rack, which can be presented as a rack or cut into cutlets, the boneless lamb loin--which has all fat and silver-skin removed--and the deliciously tender boneless chump steak.
$125,500, the average bonus on Wall Street in the beginning of 2006, will seem like chump change at the start of 2007 when bonuses averaging $650,000 are expected to have a major impact on first quarter sales numbers.
Now that ain't chump change and brings a whole new meaning to putting your money where your mouth is.
But is this chump change for the world's fifth-largest oil exporter?
After all, the World Bank president is in charge of handing out about $20 billion annually in "aid," and even in today's milieu of trillion-dollar-plus federal budgets, that's not exactly chump change.