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CHUMPChief Military Umpire
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But price-wise I was looking for a humbler cut and chump fitted the bill perfectly," says Andrew.
Understandably, I was a tad peeved with Pc Chump and his baffling attitude.
unconscious chump dissolves into the sheets like sugar.
It's not chump change, but one political science expert argues the relatively low pay for lawmakers keeps many Texans from being able to run for higher office.
AD Sportwereld wrote: "The Dutch national team perished in the World Cup Final - thanks largely to a chump of a referee.
9 million home formerly owned by Bernard Madoff is chump change for toy executive Al Kahn, compared to the home he has just listed.
CHUMP OF THE WEEK NATHAN BAKER - The Villa youngster has been banned from attending the Carling Cup final after trying to sell Wembley tickets on computer website Facebook.
Chimps" might be able to peel away maybe $5 million in ticket sales, which is pretty much chump change for a movie opening in that many theaters.
The popular TV presenter has teamed up with Scots dog Chump for the BBC's Underdog Show.
125,500, the average bonus on Wall Street in the beginning of 2006, will seem like chump change at the start of 2007 when bonuses averaging $650,000 are expected to have a major impact on first quarter sales numbers.
A Chump in Oxford: Hilarious Laurel and Hardy vehicle in which the duo find work as a butler and maid at a posh dinner party - with Stan in drag.
Those nighttime presents are chump change compared with what St.