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CICADACentre for Interdisciplinary Computational and Dynamical Analysis (University of Manchester; Manchester, England, UK)
CICADACochlear Implant Club and Advisory Association (est. 1984; hearing)
CICADACook Inlet Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Kenai, Alaska)
CICADAConfigurable Instrument Control and Data Acquisition (astronomy software)
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In their paper, the researchers explain how they fabricated a silicon dioxide surface (an inexpensive material that is commonly used to make windows and camera lenses) with the same nanostructured pattern as cicada wings (which are made mostly of chitin) by using the wings as a template.
Similar strategy was cited by FONSECA & AUTUORI (1932) to reduce the infestation of the cicada Fidicina mannifera (Fabricius, 1803) in coffee plantations.
Documenting the location and time that the insect was found helps scientists track the movement and health of cicada populations.
The cQuest Cicada product line is a scalable, full-featured ultrasound platform that offers a high level of flexibility and excellent image quality, enabling fast time to market for customers' end products.
In addition, the total reported Brazilian cicada fauna is increased to 159 species.
A key to the genera of cicadas of Pakistan is provided based upon diagnostic variations in timbal and timbal cover structure.
What actual scientific cicada news there was in 2013 didn't get much media attention.
Loud cicadas nearly drown out the rest of the forest chorus, but a patient ear hears more: frogs, barking deer, and the chattering of bats overhead.
Long-range sound distribution and the calling song of the cicada Beameria venosa (Uhler) (Hemiptera: Cicadidae).
There are more than a dozen cicada broods across the United States, with cycles of either 13 or 17 years.
The CBC's Paul Hunter takes a tour with a cicada watcher who is fascinated by the loud and lusty insects, and talks to another man who thinks the buzzing bugs are a tasty treat.
Britain's only native cicada has a song too high-pitched for most people to hear.