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The cinematograph was the main but not the only factor in this decline of theatrical printing.
Conrad, Joseph, "Author and Cinematograph," in Schwab, 1923.
uk>; however, they are not the only survivors of the period directly following the 1910 Cinematograph Act.
Cinema captured the public imagination rapidly; thus, by the late 1920s, the Indian Cinematograph Committee (ICC) found that although Indian films were in low supply, there was great demand for them.
The 1929 Cinematograph Ordinance first set down rules for the making and exhibiting of movies and shifted the authority for censoring films from the police to newly established censorship boards, (19) The Cinematograph Rules of 1931, passed to regulate the censorship boards, (20) flouted the recommendation of the Colonial Films Committee by institutionalizing a discriminatory racial bar to cinema attendance: 'The approval by the [censorship] board may be absolute, or may be given subject to a condition that the picture shall be exhibited to non-natives .
The front of the building was formerly a coffee tavern in which the first meeting of Coventry Labour Party was held, with the cinematograph hall added behind.
Variety described Daradji as "the most active Cinematograph in the Region," highly acclaiming his direction of the film Feature winner "Ahlaam".
In 1916 it was the subject of controversy, the Chief Constable of the time objected to it having a music licence, and by August its cinematograph licence was withdrawn in December 1916.
literary works; musical works; artistic works; cinematograph films; sound recordings; broadcasts; programme-carrying signals; published editions; and computer programs
Some shows--currently Kenneth Branagh starrer "Ivanov," long-running tap sensation "Stomp" and Disney's "The Lion King"--however, have negotiated separate agreements with both Equity and Bectu (Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theater Union) in order to play Sundays.
Answering a Parliamentary Question on juvenile crime the Home Secretary, Sir John Simon, told the House of Commons in May 1916, 'it is generally believed that one of the causes is to be found in the character of some of the films shown at cinematograph theatres'.
The Notebooks of Serafino Gubbio, Cinematograph Operator.