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CIRCCentre International de Recherche sur le Cancer (French: International Agency for Cancer Research)
CIRCCivitan International Research Center (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
CIRCCódigo do Imposto Sobre o Rendimento das Pessoas Colectivas (Portuguese income tax code)
CIRCClimate Impacts Research Centre
CIRCCircular Reference
CIRCCommunity Information Resource Center
CIRCCooperative Integrated Reading and Composition
CIRCCross Interleave Reed-Solomon Code (used on CDs)
CIRCComputer Incident Response Capability
CIRCCollectif d'Information et de Recherche Cannabique
CIRCCornell Institute for Research on Children
CIRCCentral Illinois Robotics Club
CIRCCommunity Informatics Resource Center
CIRCChemical Incident Reports Center
CIRCCurtin Indigenous Research Centre
CIRCCircumcision Information Resource Centre (Montreal, Canada)
CIRCCommunity Information and Referral Centre
CIRCCorporate & Industrial Restructuring Corporation (Pakistan)
CIRCComputer Integrated Road Construction
CIRCCanada's Information Resource Centre
CIRCCentral India Regional Council
CIRCCentral Information Reference and Control
CIRCConflict of Interest in Research Committee
CIRCCommercial-Industrial Realty Council
CIRCCareer Information Resource Centre
CIRCChildcare Information Reference Collection
CIRCCultural Industries Research Centre
CIRCCircularization Burn (NASA)
CIRCComputer Information and Resource Center (now defunct GWU division)
CIRCCentral de Información de Riesgo Crediticio (Spanish: Central Credit Risk Information; Bolivia)
CIRCCytokeratin-Positive Interstitial Reticulum Cell
CIRCCentral Incident Response Center
CIRCCentralized Information Reference and Control
CIRCColorado Immigration Rights Coalition
CIRCComputer Incident Response Center
CIRCChina Insurance Regulatory Commission
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Rebecca, do you think we'd better do as the circular says, and let Elijah or Elisha try the soap before we begin selling?
Our circular will inform you that I am able to meet your wishes.
Wragge (lulled by the narcotic influence of annotating circulars, and eating and drinking with an appetite sharpened by the captain's absence) withdrew to an arm-chair, and fell asleep in an attitude which would have caused her husband the acutest mental suffering; seven o'clock struck; the shadows of the summer evening lengthened stealthily on the gray pavement and the brown house-walls -- and still the closed door opposite remained shut; still the one window open showed nothing but the black blank of the room inside, lifeless and changeless as if that room had been a tomb.
In looking for the shoe, she unfortunately discovered the circulars, put by on a side-table, and forthwith recovered her recollection of the earlier proceedings of the evening.
Wragge, shuffling the circulars in a violent hurry.
Suppose you go to bed now, and finish the circulars tomorrow?
The Fortune Award for Circular Economy Leadership: Frans van Houten, CEO, Philips, for leading the transformation of Philips into a circular company by shifting its business model, moving from selling equipment alone to providing solutions to customers, and sharing risk for results through long-term partnerships.
Advantages of circular knitting over conventional manufacturing methods
Sources said that International Monetary Fund (IMF) has mounted pressure on government to reduce the circular debt and to increase the power tariff.
In this article I'll explore five important questions every drug store retailer should ask as they consider how to optimize the impact of their weekly circular.
ISLAMABAD: The Senate Sub-committee on Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatization Thursday criticised the clearance of Rs 480 billion circular debt in a single day in 2013.
Under Circular 16-002, the forgoing rules also apply where the corporations involved or at least one of them is a listed company.