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Kathy Heard, 58, of Pinckneyville, cited for expired registration.
The percentage of Pakistani documents cited during 2006 to 2015 was 62.
Cited has opened its Beta involvement program to the public and is currently accepting registration for access to the app; users will be invited to join on a first come, first serve basis.
It also is possible using the Cited Reference Search feature to find cited references to some individual articles from journals that aren't indexed by WOS, and to some books.
First, the reader who is interested in the cited material is much more likely to be able to find a journal article than a book because academic libraries subscribe to most of the important journals, but purchase only a fraction of available books.
3 : to refer to especially in praise <The school was cited as a model for others.
The Wasps prop was cited and banned during the World Cup for tripping USA centre Paul Emerick.
First, in my article (Fewtrell 2004) I did not suggest that the role of cofactors was a novel discovery, as evidenced by the selection of articles I cited noting such factors.
Time's account, above, cited "some" scientists, while playing down those who disagreed with its preferred findings.
A strong majority (61%) of owners in the transportation sector cited oil and gas as the primary cost component driving price increases.
Two years ago, rotations--the core of NAVSEA's Systems Engineering Development Program--were cited as the most valuable aspect of the program by 60 percent of the engineers surveyed.
Searchable Cited References provide a means for extending research by allowing users to locate additional information related to an article of interest.