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CTZCoatzacoalcos (México)
CTZCorps Tactical Zone
CTZCollege Toezicht Zorgverzekeringen (Dutch: College Health Insurance Supervision; Netherlands)
CTZCoastal Transition Zone
CTZControl Zone
CTZCentral Time Zone
CTZColumbus, Tomahawk, Zeus (beer hops)
CTZChemoreceptive Trigger Zone (part of the brain responsible for nausea)
CTZCertificato del Tesoro Zero Coupon (Italian: Zero Coupon Treasury Certificate)
CTZConsorcio de Transportes de Zaragoza (Spanish: Zaragoza Tranport Consortium; Zaragoza, Spain)
CTZCritical-Time Zone
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is the only country in the world with birthright citizenship. More than 30 countries worldwide also have birthright citizenship.
is, effectively, the only country in the world that taxes its citizens based on citizenship. The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion offers a slight reprieve, but for those who earn any passive income or make more than $105,900 a year, there is no way to avoid further taxation.
He appealed to those affected by the dual citizenship issue to apply for the card.
According to Liberia's 1974 Aliens and Nationality Laws at the time of birth, the rights to citizenship only descend to a child by way of their father and not their mother.
The basic object of The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was to facilitate grant of Indian citizenship to members of six minority communities who migrated from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh without valid travel documents or the validity of whose documents had expired.
'Those letters that are going viral on social media is in no way a show of support or approval from the Home Minister towards someone's citizenship request.
The decision elaborates on the fees required for regaining, renouncing and applying for citizenship.
class="font-size--16 MsoNormalUpon appointment, an individual must renounce their second citizenship before taking up the job.
Qatar's move to revoke the citizenship of members of the Ghufran clan came after members of that clan, itself a small part of the larger, semi-nomadic al-Murrah tribe, backed a botched coup attempt in 1996.
After the Home Ministry issued a notice on April 2 instructing the DAOs to provide citizenship certificates to the offspring of those parents holding Nepali citizenship cards, the DAOs started witnessing huge crowds.
Addressing an election rally here, Mamata said, "As per Citizenship Amendment Bill, you will be a foreigner for six years and then you will be given citizenship, why?
Justice James Makau issued the order after Kenyan tycoon Humphrey Kariuki argued that he is in danger of being arrested at the airport on account of a crime under the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act.
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