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CIVECivil and Environmental Engineering (Oklahoma State University)
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(19.) A reference to Hobbes' natural state of "war of all against all." See Hobbes, De cive, 1.12-13; and Leviathan, 13.8, 14.4.
The SEVUE methodology was implemented and compared to the color index methods more commonly used for segmenting vegetation under uncontrolled environments (CIVE and ExG-ExR) using the Wilcoxon signed rank sum test to assess the algorithm performance.
De Cive: Elementos filosoficos sobre el ciudadano (Madrid: Alianza Editorial, 2000).
Ya en Espana, un ejemplo de trabajo interdisciplinar es el Proyecto CIVE, que se describe en Martin y De la Camara (1996), llevado a cabo entre un profesor del Departamento de Linguistica Aplicada a la Ciencia y a la Tecnologia y una profesora del Departamento de Lenguajes, Proyectos y Sistemas Informaticos, ambos de la Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, con el principal objetivo de mejorar la calidad de la docencia utilizando las tecnologias y obtener un mejor aprovechamiento de los recursos universitarios (en concreto de las videoconferencias).
A week later Hobbes's De cive and mathematical findings were scrutinised by Richard Acton and Mr Walkington (both papers unfortunately are non-extant).
For it is not only Leviathan (both English and Latin) that must keep up this effort, but De Cive, The Elements of Law, and numerous shorter works and dialogues, poems, and letters.
Indeed, the very structure of the book is centered around the evolving character of Hobbes's notion of liberty, which according to Skinner changes markedly between each of Hobbes's three major works: the Elements of Law (1640), De Cive (1642), and the Leviathan (1651).
From August 9-13, 2011, delegates from across the Americas will convene at the UJAT International Liaison & Teaching Center (CIVE) to share best practices and research; dialogue and disseminate research work in the areas of leadership, policy, research and advocacy; work towards greater connections and interactions among North and Latin American music education organizations and leaders; and develop a vision and possible models for stronger engagements with and collaborations between music teaching and learning communities.